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Expansions Wellness

San Jose California , 95123
United States

Stress Be Gone

I am so happy to be working with Great techniques to help me with all of this Stress. Working in the Tech industry, I found it so hard to wind down after work and even on the weekends. These new Release Stress and DeCompress skills work like a CHAMP!!! I am clear-minded, unfoggy and have breathe deeper. Even my sore shoulders are feeling better.

Pleasant Surprise

I was referred and didn't know what to expect. I tired the Light and Sound. I was a little skeptical. I woke up from what I thought was a Super Power Nap. I was told that I had gone into Alpha and Theta. All I know is I felt Rejuvenated and Great! I will do this again.

Counseling and Reiki

I was very surprised at how well things are going. This is especially because I'd never heard of Reiki. My treatments are designed for my specific needs and I am looking forward to continued success.


I really like working with Dr. Lampkins. She listens and always gives get tasks for me to work out all issues.. Over the last 3 months, I have become less stressed and can get more done. I am looking forward to getting more goals accomplished.

Meditation Training

Learning meditation. Having a hard time with concentration. Started with the light and sound therapy to clear all of the noise and it is working great.

Light and Sound Therapy

Travelled to San Jose and I did this therapy one evening for stress. After the session, I felt really relaxed, especially dealing with the stressful moments I was in. I noticed that after the session my dreams have also become clearer. They are eaiser for me to comprehend. This session definitely cleared my mind and helped me to relax.