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Thank you Trace for sharing this wonderful practice. Your passion and love for transcendental consciousness via AtmaVedi meditation really shines through. A powerful technique to explore consciousness

This meditation is so simple yet so profound. I am so thankful of Tracey and her knowledge, she was so helpful the whole time and has continue to support me after I received the meditation. Thank you.

For years I had heard about transcendental meditation/Atmavedi Meditation and my curiosity aligned me with such a divine teacher. The simplicity and ease of the practice still amazes me. It has become easy to dedicate time every day for this meditation. I am grateful for the unfolding and the beauty, for this gift teaches me that all lessons can be learned with love. Thank you, Tracey for being such a loving, patient friend and teacher. Your talent for connecting and reflecting truly made this possible. I am grateful to you and myself for taking this sweet step towards knowing and loving myself even more.

Amazing tool for life, great preparation and deep experience highly recommended 🙏

Tracey humbly provides a pathway to expanded awareness of the perfect totality that we truly are. This pathway is personalized in it's delivery, effortless in it's practice, and incredibly profound in it's results. Atma Veda Meditation, has shown me the deepest levels of my heart; places filled with light that I am able to bring to the surface and manifest. This path has brought me deepened states of relaxation, releasing stress I wasn't even conciously aware of. I sit in the infinite present moment filled with never ending gratitude. Thank you, I love you.

Feeling forever grateful the universe put Trace and I in eachothers paths when it did. From the moment I met her I knew she was magical. Trace is so passionate and knowledgeable about this that right away you begin to learn, remember and you feel passionate about it too. Her patience and love makes one feel very comfortable. Even in her silence one is receiving knowledge. Trace is Pure Light and Pure Love and that is exactly what you will get.

I love it!. For a long time I've known that meditation is a great tool to achieve mental, spiritual and even physical health, but to be honest with you I attempted to "meditate" many times in the past and never got it. In my perspective I was just sitting there, waiting for my thoughts to disappear magically (which never happened), and monitoring my breathing in an attempt to relax, but that was it. After my sessions with Tracey, who is a great teacher, I can finally and happily say that I understood how to meditate and it's purpose!!.This technique has changed my life, and the way I see meditation. It's incredible how after meditating I feel recharged, energized and motivated. I've also noticed that after some weeks of starting this technique my memory retention/recall have improved, which is very useful while studying. I really think Tracey is an amazing teacher, she made the whole experience smooth and was always supportive!. So if you're looking for a really good teacher of this technique, she is the one!!

Thank you Trace for sharing this incredible gift with me. I now have a powerful tool to use in my life forever. You have such a deep understanding of these teachings and it is amazing to experience AM with your guidance. I have found the AM practice to be the most effective and easy kinds of meditation I have ever tried. Thank you for this experience

Trace’s extensive knowledge in the field paired with her unbelievably beautiful energy made my learning experience seamless. I was able to grasp the concepts as well as effortlessly begin my meditation practice day one! The results were profound! Day one I released so much I slept for 14 hours straight! This is no coincidence. As a student of many modalities this has been extremely effective and will remain a constant in my metaphysical practice. Thank you Trace for sharing your knowledge and your gift.

Trace is a phenomenal instructor! I am honored to have had the blessing of working with Trace as my AM instructor.

Her love and dedication to her practice drew my attention to her. She is knowledgeable, easy going and loving being. I have been practicing meditation for the past six years. Her guidance took my meditation practice to the next level. Thank you, Trace for your authenticity, compassion and dedication. If you’re interested in AM look no further. You’re in the right place.

Learning AtmaVedi Initiation Meditation Technique from Trace was such an honor and a pleasure. Trace is a truly wise and spiritual being, and that made the learning experience even more enriching and profound. AM has really influenced a shift in my perspective on self-care and personal reflectance. By carving out time to meditate daily, I have been able to connect to myself and the universe in new ways. I graciously encourage all beings to welcome in this beautiful practice into their lives.

The first time I meditated was 11 years ago during Vipassana. Today I finished my AM initiation.
I am amazed at the ease of this technique. To sit for 20 minutes with your personal mantra is to enter that parallel universe which brings us to the light we all have inside. In this case, Trace helped me understand that we are one and that going within is simple.

Trace is a phenomenal guide her voice and sincerity made me believe in the power of her words. I highly recommend this to everyone.
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The difference that AM has made in my life in a week is magical. A technique that simply and gently puts you in touch with your essence.

Trace’s approach and knowledge will guide you from her heart to yours in amazing self discovery. Forever grateful for you sharing this beautiful practice.

Transcendental Meditation has been a gift. It is like I’m charging my battery, truly leaving me feeling rejuvenated. Some of the many benefits I have noticed are less stress, less worry, more focus, and more presence. Trace has a down-to-earth teaching style and shares this incredible technique with such passion and love. This is a great present to yourself.

AM is such a profound yet very easy technique to re-connect to our true essence, I've been practicing it for about two weeks and I'm already feeling so many of the benefits, awareness between the connection of all, more clarity in my decision making, extra happiness, self-love and gratitude, less anxiety, sharper memory and a lots of energy. With only 20m day and night I feel my days have been going smoother plus I love that I have been able to tap into AM when finding myself in stressful situations. Thank you to my dear soul sister for your beautiful guidance, for presenting this high cosmic practice with the most almighty intentions.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This technique is VERY EFFECTIVE! I have been practicing meditation for quite some time now - and after receiving this meditation technique, the science behind it, and how to use it effectively, I realized how much deeper meditation was! I use this technique twice a day for 20 minutes each session - and it has been changing my life! Manifestations, energy, happiness, and productivity is skyrocketing and I am becoming more one with the infinite! Many many many thanks! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED