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How To Make a Business Website In 5 Simple Steps

Creating A Business Website is Easier Than You Think Website building used to be given to professionals or social media marketing agencies. Now, technology has advanced so much that even those with only a working knowledge on computers are able to create a website of their own. Setting up a website isn’t going to take […]


5 Ways to Break Off from an Unhealthy 9 to 5 Job

All jobs aren’t mentally and physically draining. Some can be rewarding as well and teach you a thing or two to help the world. However, a 9 to 5 job is mostly considered a burden on humanity, and when paired with a toxic environment, it can be health deterring. Commencing such employment not only diminishes […]

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5 Best SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design

Web Design and SEO Go Hand in Hand In our last article we reviewed how to increase sales using SEO.  Now we are going to tackle SEO and web design. How your site is designed could very well mean the success or failure of your brand. In the e-commerce space, it is the audience that […]