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How To Add Testimonials To My Website

There are many ways to add testimonials to your website; from just adding text to a web page or using an easy to use testimonial app like VocalReferences.  There are many advantages to using a testimonial app over simply listing text testimonials on a page. You can learn more about these features on our website.

Below we will outline the steps you need to take to add the VocalReferences testimonial widget to your web page, add new testimonials and configure the Add Testimonial button to allow your visitors and customers to leave you testimonials right from your website.

Steps to Add Testimonials to Your Website

Adding Testimonials

  1. To start you will need to create an account with VocalReferences.  As you will find on most websites,  you can easily create an account either with your email, your Facebook account or Google account.
  2. Add a testimonial by clicking on the Add Testimonial button inside the Merchant Center
  3. Fill out as much information as you can on the add testimonial form including: the ratings, title, description and any other information about the customer who left the testimonial.  Click Save to save your work.
  4. You can add as many testimonials via the Merchant Center as you like.
  5. You can also import testimonials and reviews from Facebook or from a CSV file.  To do so, follow the instructions found on our importing testimonials help doc.

Check out our gallery of screen shot images below of the steps to add testimonials.

Display Testimonials on Your Website

  1. To display testimonials on your website you will need to add a testimonial display widget to a page on your website.
  2. In the Merchant Center go to the display menu and select layouts
  3. Select the layout which best suits your needs
  4. Customize the layout.  As you customize the layouts, click the preview button to see the impact your changes have on the display.
  5. When you have the layout customized to your satisfaction, click on the Get Code button.  A popup box will display the widget code. Copy the code in the box.
  6. Go to your website editor of your website and select the page to which you wish to add the testimonial widget code.
  7. Paste the code in the editor and click save
  8. View the page with the testimonial widget code in a browser to see the results

Check out our short video clip on how to add our testimonial display widget to your website.