5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Customer Testimonial Templates to Grow Your Business

Countless details go into creating a successful online business. You need a great offer, a convincing sales pitch, professional presentation…but all of that won’t matter if you can’t show that others have used your services and have come away happy. That’s where testimonials are so valuable. They can allow you to tell a story through […]

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Personal Testimonial Templates

Testimonials are the driving force behind any successful marketing funnel. Without social proof like website testimonials, it would be incredibly difficult to make sales consistently, no matter how good your product might be. And when you think about it, it makes total sense. If you can’t show your prospects that you have managed to meet […]

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Simple Testimonial Templates That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

Getting people to buy from you is a challenging task. Even if you have a fantastic product and can put an offer in front of people who need it, that’s only half the battle.  Some might even say that’s the easy part. Today’s online users have become extremely savvy and careful when entrusting their money […]

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Recipe for Great Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the best ways to turn prospects into paying customers. They can supercharge your business’s sales and attract extra leads over to you like moths flock to a light. Video brings out happy and excited emotions in a way that’s much harder for text to do. It directly connects with your […]

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A Great Testimonial Example

For over 3 years I have been at the helm of one of the most challenging & exciting projects of my life – VocalReferences. VocalReferences is all about testimonials; text, video, mobile, web. In short, we make it easy for small & medium sized businesses (SMB) to capture, display and promote their customers’ testimonials. With […]

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A Real Opportunity For Digital Marketing Agencies In 2018

How VocalReferences Will Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Business in 2018 There’s no getting around it.  There’s a lot of competition for businesses out there. Self-proclaimed experts are a dime a dozen in every field, even though the ones who actually know their stuff are few and far between. Finding a way for businesses to capture […]

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Free Coupon Tool for Digital Marketers, Web Designers & SEO Consultants

Get More Online Sales with Five Star Coupons Five Star Coupons is a business coupon site which supports all types of businesses who wish to: Offer incentives for their products and services from within their website and offsite via the Five Star Coupons site as well as Google List their business/products and promotions in a […]

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VocalReferences featured in Google’s Reviews from the Web

Get Ratings for Google’s Reviews From The Web With Vocalreferences You can now find a ratings summary of your Vocalreferences reviews and testimonials and a link to the those reviews right from Google’s ‘Reviews from the web’ section in the Google Places display.  Below you can see the ratings in the right hand box for Solarus […]

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20 Beispiele überzeugender Empfehlungsschreiben, Enormes Wachstum Erzielen

Empfehlungsschreiben können eine starke Kraft sein, um ein Geschäft zu vermarkten. Laut einer Studie von Nielsen mit 28.000 Internetantwortenden aus 56 Ländern, vertrauen 92% der Kunden verdienten Medien vor allen anderen Formen des Werbens. Um dies erfolgreich zu tun, brauchen Sie ein Ziel, das ist warum wir 20 Beispiele von Empfehlungsschreiben zusammengestellt haben, die Ihrem […]