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VocalReferences and Jimdo Join Forces

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VocalReferences Is Proud to Join Jimdo’s Community of Recommended Tools & Widgets

Raanana, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 08/29/2014 — VocalReferences, a fast growing startup that provides a complete and easy to use tool set to capture, display and share video, audio and text testimonials, is now available through the very popular DIY website building company, Jimdo. Jimdo has over 12 million users worldwide and offers its services in 12 languages, all supported by 170 employees from 15 countries with 4 global offices.

“We are thrilled to be associated with such a great company as Jimdo. Jimdo’s slogan of ‘Pages to the People’ fits perfectly with our company’s goal to offer the simplest and most effective way to harness the value of a business’s happy customers through video testimonials to increase onlines sales, generate new leads and proactively manage a company’s online reputation” says David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences. “At the same time, we are joining such well known brands such as Google, Linkedin, Dropbox and Yelp.”

“I’ve been preaching using customer testimonials as the best form of advertising for decades. VocalReferences takes that to the next level with video, the most powerful form of communication. Jimdo is pleased to add them as a trusted partner for our 12 million users” says Stephen Belomy, Jimdo’s U.S. CEO.

“Jimdo provides beautiful templates in multiple languages, all optimized for search. VocalReferences is a great SEO tool since video content is a critical element in Google’s optimization algorithm. Also, because we offer such a simple video testimonial solution, VocalReferences can be used in any language from the moment it’s installed” adds David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences. “We currently have users on every continent using VocalReferences in their local languages.”

About VocalReferences
VocalReferences is available to all new and existing Jimdo customers simply by adding a new ‘Widget/HTML Element’ to the Jimdo website.

A Simple Way to Capture Testimonials – National Association of Realtors

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This Cool Tool for brokers will help you organize, post, and share video testimonials on your company website and social channels.


The full article can be found here:

VocalReferences Is Named One of the “12 Hot Apps from Israel”

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Fast growing testimonial tool, VocalReferences, used by thousands of businesses worldwide, is recognized for its’ mobile apps.

Raanana, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 12/12/2014 — In a recent writeup in Israel21c, VocalReferences, currently used by thousands of businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their customer testimonials, was listed number 3, as one of the “12 hot apps from Israel.” The full article can be viewed here:

The top app, 24me, was named by Forbes as one of “7 Great Apps to Simplify Your Life.” In the second position was, which received the designation as one of the “Best Apps of 2012” by the App Store and also Best App status from Android. “We are thrilled to be counted as one of the important apps coming out of Israel these days. Israel is well established as a hub for new technology and innovation and we’re proud to be acknowledged among this special group” says David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences. “Even so, we continue to develop and make improvements to the app to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.” “As an app for business we’re not always judged by the same standards as other apps. This is strong affirmation of our goal to bring the use of testimonials to the 21st century. We already have many great partners such as Yahoo, Wix and Jimdo and we expect to grow our base of business customers by tens of thousands over the next couple of years” added David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences.


About VocalReferences

VocalReferences technology makes it easy for businesses to boost their testimonials by easily incorporating video, in addition to standard text, and, at the same time, automatically indexes the testimonials in Google to generate higher search results for the business. All this can be controlled by the users in the palm of their hand with VocalReferences Apple and Android apps. The company believes that too many businesses today see their testimonials as a passive tool and are missing the real opportunity of making their testimonials ‘work for them’ by driving more shoppers to their websites, increasing their online conversion rates and easily generating new content on a regular basis VocalReferences.

Yahoo Adds VocalReferences Testimonial App to Its App Gallery

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Raanana, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 10/08/2014 — VocalReferences, the market leading app that allows businesses to easily capture, display and share customer testimonials in video, audio and text format, is now available seamlessly to Yahoo’s millions of users. New and existing Yahoo clients can access VocalReferences via Yahoo Commerce Central, the Yahoo Small Business Center and Yahoo’s Web Hosting product. For the first time, Yahoo users now have a complete testimonial tool that will simplify the process of recording testimonials from their happy customers and maximizing their marketing value by displaying them on their site and social media accounts. The product also serves as a lead generator by making it easy for customers giving the testimonials to share them with their friends. 

“We’ve taken our product to a new level by enabling Yahoo customers to add our proprietary ‘Flyout’ display widget to their ecommerce site and website without interacting with any code. The display widget is injected automatically into the user’s site upon registration. A simple click of a button and the product is ready for use. Of course, all the functionality and features of our full testimonial product are available to Yahoo users as well,” notes David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences. “Including our Facebook app.”

“This new relationship with Yahoo is in line with our strategic plan of partnering with the leaders in the field offering premier products to the business and ecommerce communities. We’re proud to be working with Yahoo following our successful integration deals with Wix and Jimdo” added VocalReferences co-founder, David Barth. “We are in discussions with many more potential partners and are open to any organization that appreciates the need and value of our product. It’s very hard to argue with the numerous benefits of having good testimonials, not least of which is to increase product sales and online conversions. Nothing sells a product or business better then the recommendation of an existing customer.” 

All of VocalReferences display widgets are fully customizable to fit with the look and feel of a user’s existing ecommerce or web site. The unique aspect of the Flyout widget is that it is a tab on the side of the page that can be added any place and in multiple places in a website and does not interfere with the site’s design and functionality. The product also offers many capture tools that make getting a testimonial from a customer that much easier for the merchant, including the VocalReferences mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as buttons and links that enable customers to submit text and video testimonials anytime at their convenience.

VocalReferences Launches Android Version of Its Popular Testimonial Mobile App

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VocalReferences Launches Android Version of Its Popular Testimonial Mobile App

Raanana, Israel — (SBWIRE) — 06/13/2014 — VocalReferences, the product that makes capturing, displaying and sharing video, audio and text testimonials easy and powerful, has announced that the Android version of its popular iOS mobile app is now available in the Google Play Store.

“Our Android app takes our product to a new level. One of the features we’re most excited about is the ability to seamlessly upload videos to both YouTube and Vimeo, with the same simple touch of a button” says VocalReferences co-founder, David Wenner. “This gives our users a lot more bang for their buck in SEO value. This option is not available anywhere else in the market. VocalReferences is platform independent to take advantage of all the benefits that each platform provides. We strive to be a practical tool for all businesses.”

The early reviews for the Android version are very good. “I especially like the easy to use interface. It is very user friendly. In my business a recommendation from a previous guest is priceless and this product makes it very easy to capitalize on that asset” says Sharon Shapira, owner of Sharonplaces Vacation Homes in Jerusalem, Israel a boutique B&B.

“We are very excited about the potential the Android version unleashes for our company. By the end of 2014 it is expected that Android will be available on over 1 billion devices worldwide. We expect to see our app in use by a good percentage of these users.” adds David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences. 

Here’s how the product is described in Google Play:
VocalReferences is the easiest way to collect, display and share customer testimonials. From your mobile device, you can capture video, audio or text testimonials and upload them to Youtube and/or Vimeo with the click of a button. You can display your testimonials from within your website via our simple to use display widgets or in your Facebook page with the VocalReferences Facebook app. Share your testimonials with all the popular social media sites. Email and SMS your testimonials wherever you are.

About VocalReferences
VocalReferences is the brainchild of its two co-founders David Barth and David Wenner. Both have extensive experience providing local SEO and online marketing services to the SMB market. The product is also available today in the Wix App Market under the banner name: ‘Testimonial Builder“.

Media Relations Contact
David Barth
855-477-3810 x102

VocalReferences Turnkey Solution for Video, Audio and Text Testimonials Now Available to Wix 40+ Million Users

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Raanana, Israel — (SBWIRE) — 05/28/2014 — VocalReferences, the only mobile app available today that enables merchants to easily capture, display and share video, audio and text testimonials from the convenience of a smartphone, is pleased to announce that their product “VocalReferences for Wix” is now available in the Wix App Market for all Wix users.

“The exposure that our partnership with Wix provides, is a very exciting development for our company,” says VocalReferences co-founder, David Wenner. “And we are confident that we are bringing a valuable new tool to Wix users that will improve their businesses.”

The Wix App Market gives VocalReferences tremendous visibility to its target market of small businesses (SMBs) and brings added value to Wix users. “By uploading video testimonials straight from the business owner’s phone via the VocalReferences app, we are providing Wix users with a great tool to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets,“ says David Schwartz, Senior Director of the Wix App Market. “Adding fresh content to a site is always a strategic edge in the engagements era in which the web operates today.”

VocalReferences is available in the Wix App Market for free to all basic users. Video and audio testimonials are recorded using the VocalReferences mobile app (available for iOS and soon to be available in an Android version) and seamlessly integrates into any Wix website. Customers can choose to upgrade their accounts to receive the Premium package which offers, among other rich features; an “Add Testimonial” button which enables customers to submit testimonials on their own as well as additional layout options, just to name a few.

“Today’s online market is very competitive. Smart businesses understand the value of good references to distinguish themselves and portray a successful and positive online image. “Our product takes it to a new level by making it easy for all businesses, large or small, to include video and audio testimonials as well” adds David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences. “Not to mention that video and audio tend to rank very high in Google’s SEO algorithms.”

With more than 40 million users worldwide and more than 1 million new users joining monthly, offers cutting-edge web technology that enables users to design, manage and host free websites without having to learn to design or code.

VocalReferences is the brainchild of its two co-founders David Barth and David Wenner. Both have extensive experience providing local SEO services to the SMB market. VocalReferences can be found in the Wix App Market (at under the product name “Testimonial Builder”.

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