VocalReferences and Jimdo Join Forces

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VocalReferences Is Proud to Join Jimdo’s Community of Recommended Tools & Widgets

Raanana, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 08/29/2014 — VocalReferences, a fast growing startup that provides a complete and easy to use tool set to capture, display and share video, audio and text testimonials, is now available through the very popular DIY website building company, Jimdo. Jimdo has over 12 million users worldwide and offers its services in 12 languages, all supported by 170 employees from 15 countries with 4 global offices.

“We are thrilled to be associated with such a great company as Jimdo. Jimdo’s slogan of ‘Pages to the People’ fits perfectly with our company’s goal to offer the simplest and most effective way to harness the value of a business’s happy customers through video testimonials to increase onlines sales, generate new leads and proactively manage a company’s online reputation” says David Barth, co-founder of VocalReferences. “At the same time, we are joining such well known brands such as Google, Linkedin, Dropbox and Yelp.”

“I’ve been preaching using customer testimonials as the best form of advertising for decades. VocalReferences takes that to the next level with video, the most powerful form of communication. Jimdo is pleased to add them as a trusted partner for our 12 million users” says Stephen Belomy, Jimdo’s U.S. CEO.

“Jimdo provides beautiful templates in multiple languages, all optimized for search. VocalReferences is a great SEO tool since video content is a critical element in Google’s optimization algorithm. Also, because we offer such a simple video testimonial solution, VocalReferences can be used in any language from the moment it’s installed” adds David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences. “We currently have users on every continent using VocalReferences in their local languages.”

About VocalReferences
VocalReferences is available to all new and existing Jimdo customers simply by adding a new ‘Widget/HTML Element’ to the Jimdo website.

A Simple Way to Capture Testimonials – National Association of Realtors

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This Cool Tool for brokers will help you organize, post, and share video testimonials on your company website and social channels.


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Yahoo Adds VocalReferences Testimonial App to Its App Gallery

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Raanana, Israel — (ReleaseWire) — 10/08/2014 — VocalReferences, the market leading app that allows businesses to easily capture, display and share customer testimonials in video, audio and text format, is now available seamlessly to Yahoo’s millions of users. New and existing Yahoo clients can access VocalReferences via Yahoo Commerce Central, the Yahoo Small Business Center and Yahoo’s Web Hosting product. For the first time, Yahoo users now have a complete testimonial tool that will simplify the process of recording testimonials from their happy customers and maximizing their marketing value by displaying them on their site and social media accounts. The product also serves as a lead generator by making it easy for customers giving the testimonials to share them with their friends. 

“We’ve taken our product to a new level by enabling Yahoo customers to add our proprietary ‘Flyout’ display widget to their ecommerce site and website without interacting with any code. The display widget is injected automatically into the user’s site upon registration. A simple click of a button and the product is ready for use. Of course, all the functionality and features of our full testimonial product are available to Yahoo users as well,” notes David Wenner, co-founder of VocalReferences. “Including our Facebook app.”

“This new relationship with Yahoo is in line with our strategic plan of partnering with the leaders in the field offering premier products to the business and ecommerce communities. We’re proud to be working with Yahoo following our successful integration deals with Wix and Jimdo” added VocalReferences co-founder, David Barth. “We are in discussions with many more potential partners and are open to any organization that appreciates the need and value of our product. It’s very hard to argue with the numerous benefits of having good testimonials, not least of which is to increase product sales and online conversions. Nothing sells a product or business better then the recommendation of an existing customer.” 

All of VocalReferences display widgets are fully customizable to fit with the look and feel of a user’s existing ecommerce or web site. The unique aspect of the Flyout widget is that it is a tab on the side of the page that can be added any place and in multiple places in a website and does not interfere with the site’s design and functionality. The product also offers many capture tools that make getting a testimonial from a customer that much easier for the merchant, including the VocalReferences mobile apps for Android and iOS as well as buttons and links that enable customers to submit text and video testimonials anytime at their convenience.

VocalReferences makes it easier for businesses to share customer testimonials.

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Positive feedback

08/13/2014 13:19   By PATRICIA CARMEL (original article found here)

Ra’anana-based start-up VocalReferences makes it easier for businesses to share customer testimonials.


It’s common to hear, “There’s an app for that,” whatever “that” might be. And indeed, during the last few weeks of unremitting terrorism, there were several Israeli-developed war- and security- related apps available for download: Tzeva Adom (Red Alert in English) for Android and iPhone alerted users to sirens wherever they were wailing; another app, called SOS, developed by United Hatzalah allows users to send a distress alert to specified recipients.

During some of the worst moments of this war, I indulged in a fantasy that peace and harmony among the peoples of the globe were merely a download away, a sort of virtual Iron Dome, if you will. But sad to say, there is, as of now, no app for that.

Inevitably, many companies have been negatively impacted by the war, especially small businesses that depend on a robust economy and positive exposure to the public. To enhance visibility of small businesses, the VocalReferences app offers a set of tools that allows merchants to capture, display and share video and text testimonials that can be displayed over a range of platforms.

The rationale behind the app is that testimonials are important for a small business in order to build sales, explains David Barth, cofounder with David Wenner of VocalReferences, two immigrants from North America who operate out of Wenner’s Ra’anana home.

Says Barth, “The app is a marketing tool that allows users to harness the power of video to display positive feedback from customers wherever it will have the greatest impact on their website and over social media.

We support textual and audio testimonials as well and we’re now introducing a simplified way to add video.”

According to Barth, the success of video as a marketing tool exceeds that of standard text by more than 20 percent.

“Video is a very powerful medium,” he says. “Potential customers visiting a merchant’s website are more likely to remain there, because watching a video increases eyeball time at the website and people are more influenced by what they see than what they read.”

Wenner concurs, “We tell our customers, the merchants, that seeing one of your customers talk about your business is good marketing strategy. You’re not only promoting yourself, you also have more exposure on the Internet because the search engines access the video repositories [as distinct from text content] and video is more likely to rank on the first page of search page results.

“For example, one of our customers is a real-estate agent and he couldn’t understand why he was suddenly getting so many calls. His website wasn’t showing up on the first page of the search engine results, but the video was and people were calling him as a result.”

VocalReferences is intuitive to use. After registering as a user, the merchant can select to create a self-promotion testimonial using video, text or audio, with an option to add a photo to the latter two. This can be done from either a mobile phone or from a computer. Each video is limited to 45 seconds. The testimonial is then uploaded according to the display options predefined by the user, for example to the merchant’s website, You- Tube or Vimeo accounts, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

By default, the video can be uploaded to either the VocalReferences YouTube account or merchants can use their own YouTube or Vimeo accounts, the latter option currently available only from an Android smartphone.

The videos then alternate between YouTube and Vimeo.

The merchant is provided with a TinyURL (web address) where he can store all the videos.

“They can use this address for marketing purposes if they don’t have their own website. The address is also a good resource for backing up the testimonials,” says Wenner. “We built the interface so the merchant can choose to put the video on any page on his website; if his business is online, placing the video on the page where the customer makes the decision to buy the goods or service can help tip the balance in his favor.

This can be done easily, it’s just a matter of cutting and pasting a few lines of code – you don’t even have to call your webmaster.”

Satisfied customers can submit testimonials in any format – video, text or audio – from either the merchant’s website or by sending the merchant the address of a video uploaded to YouTube. The merchant has total control over which testimonials to display and where to display them.

Explains Wenner, “A customer can visit a merchant’s website and submit a testimonial directly on the website itself. Right there, the customer can say, ‘I use this product and it’s a great product and this merchant gives great service.’ We also added an option for the customer to recommend the merchant to his friends; in this way, a single testimonial can be broadcast multiple times.”

The app includes several value added services, including a feature that automatically shares every testimonial on the merchant’s website to his Facebook page.

“The idea,” says Wenner, “is to give added value to the valuable time the merchant lacks to invest in a testimonial.”


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