How To Add A Testimonial Display Widget To Your Website

Testimonial Layout Displays

There are a number of display widget layouts available to you.  Each layout can be customized to meet your specific needs. Once you have completed customizing your display widget, you copy the code and paste it into your webpage.  Remember, if you wish to change the layout options after you have copied the code to your website, simply make the changes on the VocalReferences site and then hit the Save button.  The next time you refresh your web page with the layout code, the changes will be reflected.

To add a testimonial display widget to your website:

  1. Select the type of display; Single, Page, Edge or Badge
  2. Customize the look and feel of the display.  At this point you can preview how the display will look on your page.
  3. Save your display options
  4. Click the Copy Code button to be presented with the code you will need to insert into your web page or
  5. Click the Send to Developer button to send the code to your developer to insert into your web page.

Single Displays

Single Testimonial DisplaySingle display widgets are designed to display one testimonial at a time.  If you have multiple testimonials to display the testimonials will automatically transition within the display from one testimonial to the next. You have many customization options within this display to control the look and feel of the display.  Once you place the code in your web page, you can go back and make changes to the look and feel without having to change the code on the web page.


Single Testimonial Display Examples

There are currently two options for single displays; the bubble layout and the square layout.  Select one of the two display layouts and you will be taken to a layout customization screen where you can customize the look and feel.



Page Displays

Testimonial Page Display Layout IconPage layouts are designed to display more than one testimonial at a time.  These layouts are good for displaying a web page filled with testimonials or displaying a band of testimonials.  Like all the testimonial layouts you have numerous options for customizing the look and feel of the display widget.  After selecting Page Displays you will be presented with a number of different page layout displays to choose from.



Testimonial Page Display ExamplesThere are a number of different options for displaying testimonials in page layouts.  Each layout option has numerous customization options to adjust the look and feel of the layout.  While customizing the look and feel you can preview how the layout will look on your page by clicking on the Preview button.


Edge Displays

Edge Testimonial Display IconEdge displays were designed to display your testimonials at the edge of the browser.  The display widget consists of a tab which can be customized, a slide out presentation of the testimonials and an action bar which allows the visitor to move between the testimonials and a button to add a testimonial.  There are many options that can be modified depending on your needs.  For example you can customize where you wish the display to sit (left, right) and whether it will move down the page with the user.


Button Displays

Testimonial Badge DisplayOur button (or badge) display is a simple widget which can be placed on any page.  This badge is meant to present to the web visitor a level of trust that customers who have used your product or service stand behind you.  The badge will change colors automatically depending on the number of testimonials you have in the last 90 days.  The badge is also clickable.  When the visitor clicks on the badge they will be taken to your Testimonial Showcase page.