VocalReferences provides you with an easy to use way to send email requests for a testimonial Send Testimonial Request in VocalReferences Merchant Centerto your customers.  To send out requests login to www.vocalreferences.com .  After logging in you will find yourself in the Merchant Center.  In the Merchant Center click on the Request Testimonial button.  See the image to the right which illustrates where you can find the button.

After clicking the Request Testimonial Button, you will be presented with a popup which contains all the elements you need to send, edit and preview your email request.

Specifying email addresses
Send testimonial request popupBasic users can send up to 5 testimonials at a time.  Simply type in the email addresses of the target customers in the box.  Premium users can send more at a time, but they will need to sign up for a Mandrill account and link that account with us. Read this document to find out how to do this.





Edit Email Message

If you click on the pencil icon (edit message) you will be presented with an edit screen where you wTestimonial Request content editingill be able to edit the content of the email to your specific requirements.  Besides editing the contents of the email you can specify a language of the Add Testimonial Form, so that when the recipient clicks on the link they will be presented with a form in the language which you have selected.  When you are done click Save to save your changes.  You can always go back to the default email content by clicking the default button at the bottom.


Finally, before you send out your requests, we suggest that you preview the results of your email request.  Click on the preview icon at the top to request a preview of the email.