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Wellness with Bryan

Sykesville Maryland , 21784
United States

Yin and Yang

Awesome class yesterday with Bryan! He opened our practice with a discussion about the forces of Yin and Yang. My intention for the class was to stay focused in the moment. As I moved through different poses with verbal cueing from Bryan, I was able to experience the sensations of Yin and Yang. It brought an emotional and spiritual awakening to my mind and body that I have never experienced before during a yoga class! Bryan has a passion for what he does that is evident and almost palpable in the room during his class!! He truly an amazing yoga instructor!!

Sooooooo good!!!

You never know where your motivation is going to come from, I woke up drained feeling like a slug, pushed myself into yoga.... and there it happened, exactly what I needed , Not just the physical movement but a much deeper level of practice...And so I left much different than when I walked in! Once again thank you Bryan, for making a difference

The perfect combination

I have had many different yoga teachers, and without any doubt I can say Bryan is truly the perfect combination: skill, intuition, motivation, and passion make taking his class a transforming experience. He brings passion and purpose to every class, his genuine caring nature is obvious and manifested throughout every class. If you haven’t attended, you’re missing out!!! Sykesville/Eldersburg best kept secret!!!!

Filled with Light

I met Bryan at our yoga teacher training several years ago. From the very beginning all that were there could see what a special teacher he would become. I have watched him continue to blossom and grow over the past couple of years and find his own expression of yoga. He truly has a special gift in sharing this beautiful practice. Bryan is a steward of wisdom and light. A class with him is a glance into finding inner tranquility, balance, peace, and harmony.