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The Yoga Triangle

I've used The Yoga Triangle for neck pain and as a prop in my regular yoga practice. This is the best yoga block I've used, hands down. It is more versatile than anything I've used in the 10 years I've been practicing and is the first prop I suggest for beginners.

An innovative tool for yoga practice. The yoga triangle block is versatile in both active and restorative classes. Amanda creates a unique prop to fill in the contours and gaps of the body shape to allow for the yogi to express themselves more fully in the yoga postures. The triangle classes are fun, exploratory and led by an expert in anatomy and physiology. Highly Recommended!!!

The Yoga Triangle is an excellent tool. I am using this for myself, and with clients in very creative ways. The angles of the Yoga Triangle allow for more comfortable hand positioning when grasping. The angles also allow for comfort when used as a wedge with tight muscles; thus allowing relaxation and encouragement of muscle lengthening.

I have finally found a tool that allows me to access parts of my body that challenge me in my personal yoga practice and I experience comfort and ease in an unparalleled way - thank you YOGA TRIANGLE 🔼 #feelinggrateful 🙏

The Yoga Triangle is an amazing tool! I LOVE to use the triangles for deepening stretches and facia release. I use them with many of my students and in my personal practice. It enables beginners and those recovering from injuries to connect with the poses more easily and without compromising the integriry of the movement/pose/stretch. The Yoga Triangle is perfect for beginners looking for access to poses and for those who are advanced and want to level up/create fun and new challenges in their practice.

High quality yoga product to compliment every pose! Use in lieu of or in addition to yoga blocks. Should be a part of every yogi's arsenal.

This is such a brilliant idea! Having the yoga triangle during practice really made some poses more accessible, especially hip openers. I highly recommend adding this prop to your collection, it just makes so much sense. I use the triangles through almost the entire hour of practice in nearly every pose. The uses are unlimited.

I love the yoga triangle! It had really changed the game for me in terms of how I practice yoga and take care of my body. It helps me get into more challenging stretches, while also providing the support I need to do so safely. I also love using the yoga triangle to help release my neck and back after a long, stressful day. Simply lying with the triangle edge against the ridge of my neck and breathing does wonders. I highly recommend this product to any yogi or person living with stress in their body.

I love using the yoga triangle. While it's great as a yoga prop and to assist in yoga poses it is equally as great for helping create the perfect angle to help relax the body. I experience a lot of pain in between my shoulder blades after standing and cooking all day. The yoga triangle creates the perfect angle to release the tight muscles in between my shoulder blades. My other problem area after standing all day is having really tight hips. I love using the yoga triangle under my hips to help relax and release tightness. There are a million other ways to use the yoga triangle, but for me when my body is in pain those are my go to uses for the yoga triangle.

The yoga triangles are such a game-changing alternative to traditional yoga blocks. I love how the wedged shape makes them easy to incorporate into almost any pose to help offer support, stability or to even add an additional challenge to a pose. My favorite way I’ve used them so far is for support during yogi squat; as my heels don’t stay on the ground, the triangles are great for elevating the heels and also creating a little butt-massaging seat to rest on while in the squat. I’ve also found them really useful for getting relief and releasing tension in the upper back and neck by lying face up and positioning a triangle along my spine and breathing into the different feelings of opening and releasing at different points in my upper and middle back as well as chest and shoulders. Such a revolutionary product!

I love using the Yoga Triangles in class! Resting and supporting my neck is one of my favorites, but there are several ways I’ve learned to use them. The triangles are handier props than regular blocks. Thanks to Amanda for designing and producing them and for treaching us how to use them in yoga class the past several years.

Love my triangles!!! These are no ordinary blocks!! From just sliding them into spaces I need a bit of support to finding new ways to strengthen certain muscles that I shy'd away from before! I hope to see these in every yogis practice one day!!! Such a great invention!! There are so many possibilities of how to use them!!!

These changed my life completely. I’ve suffered from terrible TMJ issues for years as well as scar tissue problems in my stomach from endometriosis. Not only did the triangles apply pressure on the perfect points in the back of my head to release tension in my jaw...It also helped to break up painful scar tissue in my stomach. There are countless uses for this tool and it’s like no ordinary yoga block you’ll find just anywhere. This needs to be a tool used regularly in doctors offices, gyms, and yoga studios alike. Best money you’ll ever spend on yourself hands down.

So I have to be honest and say that the first few times I practiced with Yoga triangles they seemed awkward and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Then I discovered how wonderful they are to support poses that work external rotation (butterfly, firelog, mermaid/king pigeon) and I started to really like them! For standing poses like pyramid or half moon, I find them to be more “grippy” in my hands than traditional square blocks which is nice. As I’ve continued to explore with them, I’ve found uses for them in yin and even trigger point work. And they also come in their own bag so they’re easy to take to class. I look forward to seeing what other poses I can incorporate them into as part of my practice!

I love using this prop, especially in malasana, and also between my shoulder blades.

Yoga props have never been part of my practice, but the studio I go to switched to triangles and I figured I’d try them out. They served the same purpose as regular yoga blocks, so I honestly wasn’t that excited about them in the first few classes. Anyway, one night we did a shoulder opener in class where your arm is under you and resting on the triangle (hard to explain). I could feel this amazing stretch in my left shoulder/arm that I’d never felt before. I’m pretty flexible, but I’ve had pain in my left arm/shoulder (only when I try to sleep on my left side) for almost a decade. Long story short, I can now sleep on my left side! No pain in my shoulder (first time in years). I highly recommend this product.

As an athletic trainer and massage therapist I have incorporated the yoga triangle into my practice as prop to help my clients improve flexibility. I like that it works well in conjunction with regular yoga block and my clients like the easy placement of the yoga triangle under their hips quads during a Bodywork session. It’s been a great addition to my practice. Thanks Amanda!!

Amazing tool for working on body strength and flexibility! The triangles give better support than any other blocks.