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The Yoga Triangle

I've been using Amanda's yoga triangles for over a year now and absolutely love the versatility of the product. The triangle allows you to do deep work on areas such as your siactica and your neck, enabling you to have a theraputic yoga experience.

Great yoga prop for any pose! I remember when Amanda first shared this idea with me a few years ago and am proud to see others are able to benefit from them as well.

The Yoga Triangle was and is the best yoga block on the market. I felt the much needed support when I used them in certain poses like pigeon or dead corpse pose. The added support was felt when I used them. the Yoga Triangle!!!!!

The first time I took a class using the triangles I asked afterwards if I could buy a set. I used them first for restorative yoga which I found to give me an even deeper release. Now I have found other useful ways to bring them into my home practice. They give needed space in certain poses I find challenging. They also are more accessible to some areas that blocks aren't. I highly recommend this product!

I love the size of these yoga triangles. There are times when I need support in a pose and a regular block doesn’t cut it - yoga triangle to the rescue. You can wedge them between you and your mat to provide a gentle and natural support without getting in the way of the asana. And they’re good quality too, highly recommend!

I used the yoga triangle, I loved it. It's a great tool to increase/decrease intensity depend on asana practice. It really helps you to open up the hamstrings and calves especially poses such as triangle, down dog or forward fold in hatha yoga. It also gives really great support to the knees for restorative practice, long holds and yin yoga. Thank you!

Very helpful with assisting postures that are not accessible to some people. Very useful in pinpointing pressure spots as well in restorative poses. Getting two together and joining them makes one block, so they are just as useful as a regular block. The triangle design, however, opens even more world's of possibility.

We all need a little help from our friends - so true in yoga as well! The YogaTriangle is my little support system for all kinds of poses. As a relatively new yogi, I can’t easily reach the limits of flexibility, but with these props, I feel supported and am able to build my confidence and breathe into more challenging postures. This will change your pigeon forever! After one practice, I wanted to buy them immediately. Yoga love!

Amazing tool. So many ways to use the triangles to assist in your asana practice. From muscle release to deepening a pose or stretch...LOVE MINE

I am a yoga instructor and I ordered these for students to try who complained of wrist issues but I have used them for Yin classes and they really are different then trying to use a traditional block. I would love to have a whole studio full of them!

Amanda is very professional and knowledgeable . Pl keep healing your communities