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Your Spinal Health

16 King Street Street
Penrith Cumbria , CA11 7AJ
United Kingdom

Testimonial #42

Excellent service. Some, ill-informed, people told me I would be wasting money. This could not be further from the truth. My migraines and neck pain are much improved and I no longer use prescription medicine

Testimonial #41

I wasn't sure about what chiropractic was or did but I just needed help with my 'problem back' so I decided to give it a go.I'm so pleased I did as I think I understand my problem better and would definitely recommend this treatment.I'm definitely more mobile and starting to get my social life back.

Testimonial #40

After a visit I always walk better.

Testimonial #39

I feel lots better than when I first came in much straighter,flexible,younger,more energetic and less grumpy.

Testimonial #38

Love coming-feels like visiting family.Great stress buster.You're all wonderful.

Testimonial #37

Very friendly happy place to come for appointments.

Testimonial #36

Although I came about back pain i've see a vast improvement of headaches.

Testimonial #35

Would recommend chiropractic care to everyone Gentle healing process which makes you more likely to take care of yourself and think about long term impact your daily activities may have.

Testimonial #34

Noticed almost immediate improvements.Staff very helpful and friendly.Peter is excellent-he listens and explains things in a very understandable way and happy to answer any questions.

Testimonial #33

This is a wonderful practice to attend if you ever want to know or have your body checked over,you are greeted always with a lovely smile and a super welcome i can assure of that.I have been attending since last year and could hardly bear to walk on my own,now i am almost independent. I am well pleased with the treatment and welcome I get each visit and overall a very pleasant practice to attend.I will in the future be telling anyone who visits me how wonderful the practice is,god bless all.

Testimonial #32

Staff couldn't be more helpful,easy to get an appointment and easy to get in contact.Seeing good improvements so far.

Testimonial #31

Always worth a try,magic sometimes works!

Testimonial #30

Following my first visit i felt 'lighter' in myself,taller and not as troubled if that makes sense.I can also turn my head to the right and put my coat on a lot easier using my right arm.

Testimonial #29

Improvements on overall health since attending.

Testimonial #28

Improvements in my back mobility.I don't ache as much since I started.

Testimonial #27

Very good results and very professional.

Testimonial #26

My pain is always less after having an appointment with Peter.

Testimonial #25

The monthly visits help to reassure that my health and spine are in a satisfactory condition.