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16 King Street Street
Penrith Cumbria , CA11 7AJ
United Kingdom

I've had tinnitus, hearing problems and the occasional vertigo on and off for 15 years. I've seen ENT specialists who haven't been able to do anything for me. After 4 weeks of a recent episode of very loud tinnitus and next to no hearing, I decided to try a chiropractor. I wish they had been my first option years ago! After only 3 appointments (two with Charlotte and one with Peter) I had hearing and no tinnitus, no back pain that I hadn't realised I had until it was gone and no more feeling like my neck needed to be clicked. I have recommended so many people who are amazed at the results in such a short time. (6 days between the 1st and 3rd appointment) I can't tell you how thankful I am and I will definitely be making regular appointments to keep me on top form.

From years of suffering a bad back, much improved and much less pain.

Always had amazing results, and my children go as well for regular check ups. Highly recommend.

my shoulder is now almost pain free and i have not taken a pain killer in over 6 weeks

What a difference it makes. Just try and decide for yourself.

Peter is a dedicated and caring professional giving sound and genuine advice. The service provided is of a top quality and his knowledge is second to none.

Full of great advice very knowledgeable will recommend

I've known Peter for a year now and I've been really impressed with his professionalism and customer-centric approach to the service he provides. He's always looking for ways to educate customers improve the experience! Keep up the good work!

Chiropractic has really helped me. I was struggling before, lying in bed, hoping to get better. With their help I found that I was very quickly up and about. (almost) miraculous!

Peter has a holistic approach and what I appreciated was how explained what he was doing and why. Knowledge enables you to make changes so that you work with your body to achieve better health. Chiropractics is about more than just cracking bones. I have had a rapid improvement over the course of my treatment and am living with far less pain than I have in years.

Testimonial #42

Excellent service. Some, ill-informed, people told me I would be wasting money. This could not be further from the truth. My migraines and neck pain are much improved and I no longer use prescription medicine


Testimonial #41

I wasn't sure about what chiropractic was or did but I just needed help with my 'problem back' so I decided to give it a go.I'm so pleased I did as I think I understand my problem better and would definitely recommend this treatment.I'm definitely more mobile and starting to get my social life back.

Testimonial #40

After a visit I always walk better.

Testimonial #39

I feel lots better than when I first came in much straighter,flexible,younger,more energetic and less grumpy.

Testimonial #38

Love coming-feels like visiting family.Great stress buster.You're all wonderful.

Testimonial #37

Very friendly happy place to come for appointments.