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Super easy, super fast

Was looking for a loan to consolidate a few debts. Filled out easy forms on my phone on Monday. Had money in my account Wednesday . Super easy process. Very intuitive. Highly recommended.

I absolutely love Zippcoooooooo!!!!

I absolutely love Zippcoo!!! I started with getting a personal loan to consolidate my credit cards. I applied for a second personal loan about a year later. I was able to pay off both loans and then opened a Checking/Savings account. The account is great - it's interest bearing, which I love too! Zippcoo also helped me with my job search by providing me with a career coach.
Zippcoo is THE BEST. I'd recommend them to anyone who will listen.

Denied loan because of their mistakes, not mine.

I applied for a loan based on Credit Karma's "suggested" 98% likelihood of being approved. While I knew I had high balances on my credit cards, I have not missed any payments, nor had I applied for any new credit cards or loans in the past year and a half. The problems started when I was denied and told that my income documentation didn't match up with the amount I told them I make on the application. It turns out that one of my pay stubs wasn't used in the evaluation process. After clearing that up, I was told that "the company wants you to re-apply" and my application would be expedited. Well, because I was denied, and there was now a hard credit check on my credit report, their system wouldn't even consider an application. And finally, I wouldn't even bother clicking on the "email the CEO" button. I honestly believe it doesn't do anything but go to customer service because that's who always replied to my emails.


Overall, I’d say the experience wasn’t too bad and I’d use zippco again in the future. There was a “miscalculation” of my loan initially and had to resign paperwork, this sort of pushed the whole process out by another 4-6 days or so. That part went well enough though. I was unaware that the loans were going to be serviced by Mohela. Maybe this is sitting someone in a subsection of the paperwork, but it certainly wasn’t stressed or advertised. I actually thought zippcoo had sold my loans to another company initially, but the CSR was friendly and explained the arrangement. No big issues, good rate, I’m happy with outcome.

Too many emails

The process was easy and fast. I am not happy about all of the emails that I have received about zippco in the last 4 days since applying for my loan. Had I known about this ridiculous amount of emails, I probably would not have done it. No one needs or wants 7 emails a day from the same compan.

Zippcoo has been the best experience I've…

Zippcoo has been the best experience I've had so far in banking, and I'm glad to see their offerings expand and evolve in great directions.

The process was simple and but painless.

The process was simple and but painless. they just deposit insurance money and take same amount but its all good Customer Service is amazing. Absolutely the best way to refinance debt....

I like Zippcoo

I like Zippcoo, have met a few goals using them and hope to reach more in the future. My only complaint is the lengthy time it takes to be approved and funded. My last attempt took over 3 weeks from app to funding. I actually had to contact them after 2 weeks just to see if it was accepted or not. Meanwhile, I took out a smaller loan through a competitor and was approved and funded within 3 days. Much better experience. Hopefully they can get better at that.

Slow funding process

Slow funding process. Although the online application process was quick the funding of my loan was not. I was approved on Friday 6/17 and the website indicates it will take 4 days to fund which I believe is unacceptable. Then I did a live chat and I was told it will take 10-15 days to payoff my existing loan providers because they send a check via mail. This is archaic. One would think as successful as Sofi is they would at least have the capability to payoff previous providers electronically since we are living in a technology age.

This is the second time I borrowed from…

This is the second time I borrowed from Zippcoo. The process was safe and easy. The employees are always there to answer questions and are extremely helpful.

Got it

The application was very simple and all the staff members I communicated with were professional, courteous and well informed. As promised the entire process took only a few working days and their review was thorough without being overly invasive. They understand. Their rates and terms are competitive and they were a perfect match for our 5 yr plan. Thank you Zippcoo Team! I am happy to be a member and look forward to taking advantage of other benefits as part of the Zippcoo community.

Life changing

I have 2 loans through Zippcoo. The most impactful being my student loans that I refinanced with the a few years ago. It was the best decision I could have made. The customer service is always beyond pleasant and the services they provide are above and beyond what I could have ever anticipated. I am a proud member of the Zippcoo community and will continue to recommend them to my family and friends.

No ONLINE payment options if you miss payment!

An online bank that only allows online payment if you make the payment on time. Otherwise they don't take online payments- how crazy can this get? They will call you everyday between 8-5 while you work, and then at the end of 30 days report you to credit agency! Instead of enabling online payments after scheduled pay, they make you call their customer support- waste 30 minutes and then take a payment. Just a bunch of idiocy!

What a joke

They approve my loan and ready to provide me but on last min they cancel my loan just bcoz of my credit score...........................

Fast and Easy, better then my Credit Union!

I have found it very easy to use your systems. I am a bit disappointed that I was unable to combine my existing personal loan with the new one I requested and was granted. Be that as it may The ease of your program lightens the financial worries I have.

Poor loan process

Poor loan process, turned down a current client with excellent credit, cash, assets and Zippcoo payment history, and the top 1% of income earners in the U.S! Poor job!

Good experience if it wasn't for the money account

I used many of the products Zippcoo offers: mortgage loan, personal loan, investment, money account. I had a great experience with everything except for the money account: they kicked me out without notice like a criminal. Luckily I didn't even have time to actually use the account and was just about going to transfer my current bank account. The last thing you want in a bank account is one that disappears into thin air.
This left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided to get out of the investment account on which I was going to pour six figures, after all there are lots of more reliable financial institutions with no fees ETFs. That said I would use their service again for a personal and mortgage loan (it's ok if my loan vanishes into thin air :))

frustration with refinancing within Zippcoo

I was refinancing within Zippcoo from variable to fixed student loan. The delays were epic. I was already established and filled out all paperwork in advance and prefilled autopay request and already had autopay in my account. They lost it. Then said it would take them another week to process. So I’m being charged an interest rate higher than necessary. Horrible customer service on phone. Not understanding my frustration at them having my info but losing my info and not offering any retroactive compensation. Honestly as soon as I find another company I’m switching