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Remote (Distance) Energy Healing! 05 Jul 2020

The healing session with Lisa was so calming and abundant in its form. I have had many healing sessions before and Lisa’s work, which is divinely infused, is one of the best. She provides clarity for each phase, holds loving energy for the releases to take place and the healing to integrate. My soul definitely tuned in to the sounds and I could feel the peace being implanted into my body. Her uniquely inspired sounds seem to awaken a universal understanding that had been forgotten. They were deeply loving and kind-spirited. The physical work she performs seems to combine with the forgotten aspects of the body to emerge a deep sense of love and peace. She covered tissue and cell stagnation that I had been experiencing, as well as huge release of grief and stress that my body had absorbed from a lifetime of emotional abuse and abandonment. She had no way of knowing my body had been coalescing energy on the right side and I have had a profound shift in that sensation, in addition to the throat area that day and days beyond. She also identified a pain in the lower lumbar area at the base of the spine and the top of the spine in my neck which have been areas I have recently noticed some discomfort related to the situational experience of emotional abuse and abandonment. Lisa’s healing sessions are whole-heartedly a blessing and can activate the release your heart, mind, body and soul need to journey onward. They are loving and intentionally guided to be of service for your highest potential. I highly recommend her work and trust her divine guidance to be what is best.

Remote Zoom Healing! 01 Jul 2020

Supercalifragilisticexpealido-cious doesn’t come close to describing the fun I had yesterday while Lisa gave me a sound healing! My son John came through and augmented the energy and joy of the session. Lisa and I cried and laughed. I let go of sadness and grief surrounding his death and the death of my first marriage. John and Lisa connected me with my inner power and strength; today I feel physically taller and spiritually more attuned to God/Divine Mind/my heart. I know my son is with me always loving me and ready to help me with absolutely everything I do. This was/is a life-changing experience! Lisa, WOW, keep up this awesome work! No words and all words to express my gratitude!

So Intuitive! 28 Jun 2020

We love Lisa! We have taken our young kids several times as we prepared for a tongue and lip tie revision and note she is helping with the after care. She has been quite helpful in their care and they love her! I’d definitely recommend her!