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$8300 profit in one day

Hey Marius, Just wanted to say I greatly appreciate what you guys do and understand you can never be 100% correct with every call. However, having newly subscribed to your day trade signals, (long time member of trend and forecast) I scored a $8,300 profit off of your XRP call. Never even thought it was financial advice by the way... I just aped into it at your entry point and got out at $1.325. Anyways, keep up the great work! JC

Weekly comprehensive reports

Hi Marius, I just wanted to once again thank you for the weekly, comprehensive reports you send out. Not to mention the information we get on the zoom calls. There just is no one else who does what you do. You send out consistent, detailed, accurate information that we've learned to trust and rely on. Appreciate all you do . You help to make the world a better place. Regards, Bill

Very happy with the team

I’ve been a member for 3 years and happy with this service. When I subscribed Marius only had the premium membership. I’m now subscribed to Hodlnots and small caps and managed to increase my portfolio over 300% the past 24 months, despite all the market drops. Thank you team. Member for life now. Ha. Pierre

50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG.

50% gains of my portfolio in 2 months with SCBG. I’m an osteopath and trainer based in Bondi, Australia. Financially it’s a humble existence, and with a small family I needed to find another stream of income and a way to save for the future. I felt the crypto market could offer me this and so started trading about 1 year ago, with varying degrees of success I would average 10% monthly gains of my portfolio. I then got introduced to the SCBG team just 2 months ago which has had a huge impact on my trading. To put this into perspective, over these 2 months I’ve increased my entire portfolio by another 50%! The operation is slick, there’s ample information throughout the week, it provides excellent support, advice and expert analysis that not only increased my capital, more importantly for me it has abated the psychological stressors that often go hand in hand with trading.

Subscriber for 3 years

@LandM_Marius Every time your report targets are hit I am shocked and amazed. I don't know why because I have been a subscriber for three years and they ALWAYS are. You and your team are the absolute best. Thanks for all your hard work and I can speak for all subscribers. THANKS

Small Cap Big Gains report

Marius this is a great supplement, and good timing for us needing to see some profits from these slowed down Alt coins. The TEAMwork is obvious and inspiring. Brian in Canada

Awesome reports

Hi, thanks for the awesome reports and much needed guidance in the crypto space that you provide. I won't be able to listen to the bulls VS bears call today due to loadshedding from 10:00 am today. If I may ask a longterm view of two crypto maybe for the HODL for next 2 years. They are ( SHA - Safe haven and DOT - Polkadot) I tried after my longterm trade membership expired to see how I fair in the crypto space. Needless to say I lasted about two weeks in the dark and it was the most nervous time ever. Thank you for all you do and being a light on my crypto journey.

I hope this will inspire people

Hell Marius, team, lot to say so Testimony. I hope this will inspire people who failed previously or struggle to get result in crytpo. I am a member since fall 2017. I thank you Marius from the bottom of my heart and Wendy and your team for all the training and explanations in free webinars I made mistake a lot in crypto, most of the time it was greed and inexperience and i had not a plan. In theses 3-4 years i learned so much. I always dreamt to be financially free and being trader / investor in crypto and precious metals and i now have a plan. it is written on a piece of paper and look at it each day. For the last decade i was looking to learn and master this spheres but before being a suscriber i really did not know where to look as most of advice is mainstream style to take your money and defraud you. How things really works it is a well kept secret for a small group of the so-called elite that i call the Usurpators. Since the last 3 months, I applied more your method, trading a portion longterm, another more scalp or day trading and i doubled my portfolio! It was sometime tough as i work a 8 to 5 job plus commute, but i spend most of my free time listening to your webinar, reading reports and working my trades. It is now a sideline but the goal is that the sideline become my main stream of income in 1-2 years. Because of you, i feel i learn how the things really works in many aspect of our financial system. I knew for years it was corrupted and designed to rob us, the little guys, but what you do with Wendy and your team helped me a lot. I settled my goal and want to reserve a seat (motivation) for a class of hodlnots for my birthday as a gift to my self and my wife and my 3 kids by no later december 19 th 2021 as a motivation, but would be really nice being ready before but i cannot miss a whole week outside of my vacations... hence why i hope you will make something for chritmas hollydays this year as i think i am not the only one in this situation. My goal is that in a year or two i will have 25 months of living ahead of me and leave that work and get full time on it and i am looking soon to incorporate myself to lead my own management fund with probably real estate and such thing. it is written on plan . I remember what you said about telling you what you think and you will tell me where i will be in five year. The first time i heard that, i started my 5 year plan no so long after. What you do for people is inspiring and uplifting. Especially when you shared your personal story, your origin and your life as orphan in africa. To see all what you've done, especially form where you started is a great example of what a determined human being can accomplish. Thank you Marius, Wendy, team God bless you all.

Subscriber for 3 months and very happy

Hi Marius. Your new report number 278 is mind blowing and such value. I subscribed 3 months to the date and cannot thank you and your team enough for all the valuable info. I plan to be a subscriber for life. If you are reading my testimony and plan to subscribe, do not overthink it and get on board with Marius. I have managed to increase my portfolio but more important is the guesswork is gone in selecting good solid alt coins and as Marius say, trading in the dark, is now gone. My family cannot thank you enough, I managed to make more money the last two months than my hubby working full time. smile*


Greeting, First, I want to THANK YOU and your beautiful wife for all you guys put together to help us. The reason of this message is because my sister in law who introduce me to your platform. Thank you

Information is spot on

Hi Marius, I'm less than a month old on your platform and your information has been spot on. Thank you very much! Harry

Support - TOP NOTCH

Thank you J.C. from USA - appreciate the note on our Telegram group regarding the HODLNOT course and their Trainers Support.

short note of appreciation

Good day Marius I would just like to write you a short note of appreciation for our zoom call with you yesterday. Marius you deposited so much in our minds, I dont think a person could even put a price on everything you showed us and what we learnt. It was more than we ever imagined. Giving us clear direction going forward, not only in Kai, but crypto in general too and what to expect in the foreseeable future. Covering everything in such detail and helping Warrick along with some interesting trading pointers. Thank you, thank you, thank you You have breathed new life in Warrick and he is already trying to get his Kai chart perfectly set up. You and Wendy are such a blessing to many and I really would like to thank you for our consultation yesterday. Your generosity towards us is really appreciated and from all of us a huge thank you! Thank you so much Maureen, Kyle and Warrick

Thank you

Dear Marius, Just to say a big thank you to you and the team for the work that you are doing. I am really enjoying the weekly webinars and being part of your Long Term Trade and Analysis group. It has helped to guide me into the crypto market and not only survive but also thrive since I joined mid last year. Irene Agnell

Great call on BSV

Hi Marius, I just wanted to say thanks so much for giving me confidence in the market again. I think I lost that before and that is why I was struggling. Ive now recovered my losses thanks to that last minute BSV move. Luckily I didnt try to ride it all the way up and I took my profits. Im now spending a few days out of the market to catch up on sleep ???? Have a great week. Thanks to you and your team. Kind regards, Steve.

Great video Marius

I hope it is ok for me to post this incredible video tutorial here Marius but i want new people interested in your service to see what kind of information you provide. This video explains how to trade the 55% rule from bottom to top and i have done this for the past 4 months with great success. I cannot thanks yo enough, I have learned plenty and keep learning. Your service is valuable to all us members and please keep doing your best as you always doo. Happy New year to you and Wendy and may God bless you. Andrew

Predicted btc to 13888 then 14900 and then open ended

Marius predicted Bitcoin will go to $13888 (this was when Bitcoin was at $9000), then $14900 and then from there he recommended to exit and if Bitcoin were to spike further to trade it with a stop loss. A lot of people are making a lot of money on these calls. For sure a recommendation from me. 

The best out there

Hello Marius Just a quick note to say thank you for your services. I really find you to be the best out there. Robert Barrett

Great job thank you Marius and team

Thanks guys you are doing an amazing job keeping us all in the loop. Thanks for everything! ???? Best, Adrian

Value Plus

When purchasing a product people are looking for value. The value in the training and support is endless and massive. I have been with Tonoit, Marius Landman and team, for many months for the long term forecast and also did the Scalp Trading course with Wendy and her team. Wendy and the trainers are passionate and actually enjoy helping people which is rare. Regarding Tonoit with Marius and team, who are also passionate, I would not have the direction or the knowledge that I do now without them. Once again with emphasis is on the HUGE VALUE. Thank you very very much Marius,Wendy and of course the whole team. PS, Take a step in being self sufficient and also in becoming your own bank.