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Amazing Sound Healings! 06 Feb 2021

Lisa’s sound healings are amazing! I can literally feel the energy flowing through me at times and I love to listen to the replays over and over again. Sometimes I feel like the ancients are talking directly to me because what is coming through is exactly what I need to hear or work on. I’ve felt things release during the healings and have started to see certain aspects of my life start to shift! The sessions are different every time, with different beings coming forward and I cannot wait to joining these healings every month! It is truly an amazing hour! Thank you Lisa for your work and your passion to help heal so many who truly need it!

Wowza!!! 09 Jan 2021

Lisa is developing a very unique and powerful method of healing, channeling from Love and Light. She addressed issues I’ve been wondering about for years, but no one else has picked up on! So interesting and accurate. I feel fortunate to know Lisa and how wonderful her work is.