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I have never been to a healer and I had no idea what to expect. I could immediately feel Lisa’s calming energy. I had a 90 minute session and felt many sensations from heat to tingling and most definitely head ache relief. I have since had a second session, and it was very different from the first but equally wonderful. I am hooked. I highly recommend Lisa!

Sound & Distance Healing 20 Jul 2020

On June 10th, I had sound and distance healing with Lisa. She's caring and professional. It's been a week, and I don't know where to begin. She combines modalities and ancient sounds. She explains how she is intuitively guided and works on you remotely. I've gone to quite a few healers over the years, and this was an incredible healing session, and very worthwhile. I had little idea of what to expect. I'm a former engineer. And until I found my spirituality after my first wife died, I would just discount this type of healing done remotely via a Zoom session. I experienced physical sensations during the session, and each time since, I've listened to it at least a dozen more times. I slept deeply on the first night. The next day I felt very energetic and peaceful. It was like this heavy burden had been lifted from me. I've experienced three significant losses in my life, two of them very suddenly. I guess you could accurately say I was emotionally damaged or scarred from them. Losing a wife and two sons can leave behind a lot of unresolved pain, sadness, and grief: Even when you feel the grieving is over. That's come up in other healings I've had how it's not really over. I can't say with certainty that it has all been resolved now. But I sure can say it was an excellent healing session. My analytical side likes to see proof. My wife bought me a Fitbit for Christmas. I enjoy mountain biking and want to keep track of my fitness. I've always had trouble staying asleep. I wake up at the drop of a pin, it seems. So found it interesting the Fitbit tracks your sleep and gives you a score. Over these last six months, it proved to reflect my experience giving me fair and poor scores almost all the time. Once in a while, I'd get a good score, 80 or above. Lisa reminded me to revisit the session, telling me that the healing work continues with further listening. So I've added it to my meditation routine in the morning, sometimes at night. When I looked at my sleep score today, I was amazed to find not only did I score 81, but I had scored good sleep scores four days in a row! That has never happened before! I went on a mountain bike ride today with my wife. No real intention just wanted to do a 10-12 mile ride. I felt good and decided to go a little longer. I wound up going 15.8 miles and set a new personal speed for my 12-20 miles rides. Fifty-five times I've done that distance in two years and never this pace. As we sat there at lunch playing cards, I commented, "I'm feeling great!" Usually, that distance and speed leave me feeling sore and very tired. I can't explain Lisa's healing technique very well. But it sure has made a difference in my quality of life these past weeks. Of that, I am sure. As I reread this, it's been nearly six weeks since my healing, and I'm still amazed. Looking back I've had 13 nights with 80 plus sleep score, in the 40 days before the healing I had only 5. My stamina and recovery from mountain bike riding are off the charts. I'm riding 20 milers frequently now. I am very happy to have experienced this and have booked another session with Lisa.