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Our Orthodontist was Astonished! 25 Apr 2019

My 6 year old had an underbite with a cross-bite, which we’ve been correcting with a MyoBrace, and treatments with Lisa, to help speed the process along so his mouth muscles would release a bit, making the MyoBrace more effective. Our Orthodontist said at my son’s 6 month appointment that she had never seen results so fast, and that his transformation thus far has been “remarkable!” His next follow-up appointment is in 3 months, but because he is progressing so quickly, it has been pushed up to 2 months. I hoped the cranial-sacral therapy would help speed up his process and am so happy to see that it has! My son really seems to enjoy his sessions with Lisa, and I can see his body relax as she works on him. Lisa has an exceptional bedside manner with him, and explained a lot of what she was doing to me, especially the first couple of sessions. I also feel very relaxed as I sit in during their sessions!

Lisa’s Intuitive Readings Are Spot On 21 Feb 2019

I’ve had many great Craniosacral sessions with Lisa that have helped me so much. Recently she has added intuitive readings as an option before our sessions. They have been powerfully affirming. The information she has shared rings true, has been accurate and useful in my overall health pursuit. You don’t need to “believe in” this kind of thing. If you’re interested request it with an open mind and if not you’ll always receive excellent CranioSacral care. It’s always your choice.