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Member for life

At first, I want sure if this was a good product for my crypto trading style but after about 4 weeks I realized the value and am now a member for life, thank you Marius landman.


Completed the course last year, best things I've done. It is a life changing scalp trade course. Respect!

I found you two weeks ago

I got into cryptos way back in 2019, so i am a seasoned trader by now lol. (if there exist something like that). I found you 2 weeks ago and I am blown away with the bitcoin and alt coin report. I only wish i found you earleier. Happy customer. Crickey

Great team great product

Thumbs up for me. Joined almost 2 years now and happy with everything. Great team, great product, probably the best long term trade analysis in the world. John

The best long term analysts out there

My personal story, I subscribed 2 years ago, turned $12K into $388K, happy customer for life. Calls are spot on but I give a 4 star rating, maybe include more charts than the current 40 and allow more Q&A during the Friday zoom calls.

Best Subscription Ever

No negative votes, and a great company. i spend more than 2K on training with this team just to give me hope and i say this cause when the market was down like 3k bitcoin was telling will go to 1k and I sold the top and bought the bottom as he said. He talks with so much confidence, and of course is making money but has like 45 000 subscribers every month min 50 usd each now you can trade with others money right ! Just the hodlenots or scalping course is good. then to say that they are working for the little guy, very good thank you Marius hope you and the team is blessed. Andrew Bates 

Always great content

I like this company, great calls and recommendations from me. Keep up the good work friends. 

New Life skill - Upskill yourself - Hodlnots scalping course

Yes I had 2 years self taught Demo and You tube trading experience. Could I trade NO! With this Hodlnots Scalp trading course all the lightbulbs started lighting up, so many AHA moments. Did this course change my life? YES, absolutely Professional, Step by step help from making a course payment to receiving my completion certificate. Well planned Scalping curriculum, attention to important detail, step by step guides and explanation. 24/7 Trainers available. The whole course and trading academy set up, Webpage, Telegram plus professional use of Zoom. The guidance of where to next after the course, 'this is not just a give us your money get some tips and then we forget about you set up'. I am now part of a caring community... The effort put into making it easy to understand. Most Important was the Honesty and Friendliness. Extremely impressed with the Helping of others mindset - Giving back. (I think Wendy - Plus the (CARE team), and all the trainers are gifts from Heaven)

An amazing experience

The journey has been amazing to be a part of, coming from long term holder and trader. Breaking off into scalping has been such an eye opener and it will without a doubt add to my trading knowledge. The trainers have been dedicated and lots of hours put in by them to make sure the experience and understanding is amazing.

Upcoming Crypto Uptrend

Marius – Your recent communication to the TAF members of the coming crypto uptrend is supported by two credible and immediate phenomena: First, in compliance with China’s regulatory stance, leading crypto exchange Huobi on September 24, stopped allowing Chinese residents to register on its platform. In a subsequent announcement, the exchange noted that it will gradually retire existing Mainland China user accounts by December 31, 2021. This recent and gradual sell off has put a huge sell pressure on BTC and the other cryptos for the past two months. We are now only a few days away from all existing Mainland China user accounts being liquidated. This will alleviate the downward pressure on cryptos and allow BTC and the ALT coins to move up over the coming months. Secondly, the ‘January Effect.’ The January Effect is an increase in crypto prices during the month of January and thereafter. This rally can be attributed to an increase in buying. The massive amounts of capital for this buying comes from investors engaging in tax-loss harvesting at the end of 2021 (selling assets with losses to offset assets with gains) to lower the overall tax obligation. Investors cannot buy cryptos in 2021 with this tax-loss capital as it is not considered an expense, but rather an investment. This is why the investors must wait until January to buy cryptos. I believe that these two events will give additional credence to your algorhythm projections. Merry Christmas to you, Wendy and your family. May the many blessings continue to shine upon us all. Best regards,

SO thankful!

I LOVED working with Wendy and the rest of the team. The HODLNOTS course was simple enough for me to understand and feel like I can totally do this and be successful at it. The support is wonderful, there is always someone to help out when you have a question. The energy of the group is also amazing! So grateful and a great value for the price!

Best crypto course ever

The Hodlnots course was a great experience for me and I want to thank Wendy and the team of trainers for teaching us a life skill in a less than two weeks. All the course material and sessions were cleverly thought through and everything ran seamless. The presenters were also excellent and managed to explain complicated concepts in an easy and understandable way. I am very excited to be part of the Hodlnots family and to make lots of money.

Timely updates and great people

Great service thank you team. I’ve been a member to Long term reports for 8 months and cannot thank you and your team enough for the quality professional reports. They are timely and the predictions are near impossible to achieve do hoe you do it is strange and beyond my comprehension but it works lol. Thank you again and 5 star rating from me - UK Don’t overthink your tracing just HO with the flow. 🚀

A good crypto prediction service

Member for 6 months and happy with this service. I’m subscribed to Marius’ long term trade reports. The weekly zoom calls is always spot on, and reports give a great idea of market direction. I like the presentation of charts showing the next price target or forecast. I’ll be a member for life, if there’s anybody thinking of using this setvice look no further it’s a great and possible the best cryptocurrencies forecast out there that really works. This last drop was forecasted, dates were a little bit off but we had ample warning to get out, so my portfolio is way up, will start to buy Babi soon when Marius says it’s good to go. I’m following your report recommendations, great work team, thanks for everything.

Excellent work thank you

Excellence The work Marius put in every and each report is astonishing. The content is accurate and give excellent guidance. I am extremly please and would recommand it.

Confident analysis from Switzerland

I am a big fan of Wendy and Marius I am following since July 2019 and it makes me so confindent according crypto. I am from Switzerland and usually got up in the middle of the night just to be at any live webinar Marius and Wendy do. You are both my Heros, love you guys!!!

Thank you for weekly zooms

Marius and team The weekly zoom calls are always an eye opener and inspiring. The analysis is spot on and I like the new quick format. I’ve been a member of Marius for 3 years now and just recently joined the Hodlnots course. I like everything you and the team stand for and do. Keep up the good work and God bless. Just my short testimony if there is anybody who is thinking to join Hodlnots, don’t hesitate, it’s GOOD!

Weekly recording!

Thank you Marius! It was worth it for me for one spot.... KAI. I would really love to know the approx expected initial rise in % age terms. That would be so much appreciated. Thank you. Regards. James ( UK)

Thank You

Good evening Marius! I´m writing to you and your team to show our appreciation and gratitude! We (me and my wife) have been with you since the beginning of Signals. We are both life time members and now we have also added Trendsig. Next step will be Small cap big gains. We owe it all to you! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU! You are a life changer! Take care! Kindly regards Mikael & Sofia

I hope you are well and life is good.

Hi Marius, I hope you are well and life is good. Thought I would say thank you for keeping the dream alive! In 2018 I sunk my "Entire" pension, about £180,000 into a BTC and Eth ETF fully backed by purchased Eth and BTC. I bought at Eth $600 and BTC $9,500! March 20 Covid crash I watched my fund go to £38,000, and had a meltdown cashed out £10,000 on an emotional whim. I remember it well as to make matters worse I was on holiday at the time. Fast forward a year and on my Birthday May 12th 2021 I cashed out £1 million of a £1.4 m fund! Wow what a difference a year can make. I learnt lessons from this. Don't Capitulate to fear! Don't get too greedy (look at the price of Eth on 12th May) Look long Term to see the bigger picture. Follow Marius Landman All the best, many thanks for all you do.