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Distant Healing For a Heartache 08 Jun 2020

Lisa knew nothing about me or my heartache. Her channeling resonated with my pain. The guidance I was given from the spirits who showed up was powerful. The next morning I was struck by the taste of my toothpaste! My sadness felt much lighter! Thank You Lisa!

Can you hear me now! (Remote Energy Healing Session) 06 Jun 2020

Immediately during the healing session, Lisa was drawn to my ears. I was rather surprised at her attention in that area. I imagined she would work on my sore shoulder. My ears have been so problematic for years that I learned to live with the discomfort. After undergoing two tympanoplasties where they removed my eardrums, I also have suffered with vestibular neuritis. Although I could hear her during the session, I was certain that I went to another dimension. My healing continues several days later as I relisten to the video she provided. How could I thank her enough? Vicki Sharp LaCoppola, Ph.D., LSCW, MFT Spiritual Medium