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23 May 2019

I would like to say a huge thank you to Graham and Susan for delivering the BTEC Level 4 course. It has been a huge help to my business and the way in which I deliver my training. I would highly recommend the course to any instructor who wishes to move with the times and wanting to improve their coaching skills.

BTEC 4 18 May 2019

I found that this course a valuable course for me as I have learnt a lot about how I can improve my way of teaching/coaching students that is beneficial to both off us.

07 May 2019

Can I just say thank you to Ian Lavell for all his advice and help! From a 28 fail to a 44 A. What can I say?

aCCeLerate Course 10 Apr 2019

I have just completed the 2 day aCCeLerate course with Terry Lefter. Terry has excellent knowledge of his subject and his delivery is wonderfully clear. I look forward to putting into practice all I’ve learnt and highly recommend this course.

aCCeLerate Course 09 Apr 2019

Just completed the aCCeLerate course with Terry Lefteri and want to thank him for delivering a thought provoking and enjoyable time time on coaching. Would highly recommend.

Train the Trainer 05 Apr 2019

Train the Trainer course I attended this course in Dumfries recently . It was run by Ian Lavell and Mark Allan they were excellent at delivering the course . The two day course was enjoyable and well worth the money as now I feel more confident in myself as an Adi teaching learners will also help me for my standards check to achieve a better grade than last time and seeing how the tcit course works I’m sure I will be able to deliver good value for money Pdi training ,knowing that I have the support from everyone at tri coaching .Thanks to Ian and Mark for your insight and also to Dave Cox who was on the course with me and braver than me to step up and do role play while I watched in the back his acting skills amazed me . I received what I wanted out of the course and a lot more . Thanks guys

Train the Trainer 04 Apr 2019

WoW. That was the most informative course I’ve been on, Ian Lavell broke it down into simple terms and developed a sense of achievement by the end of the two days. His sidekick Mark Allan gave me an understanding and hunger for the role of trainer. After this course I now understand how you can become a better instructor and train folks to become ADIs .. Thanks Guys. I will book the BTEC course next year.

BTEC 4, Train the Trainer, Driver Metrics 31 Mar 2019

I started my journey with Tri-Coaching’s SC day which really inspired me to think about how people learn best...& how I was ‘teaching’ them - the clouds parted and that was just the beginning. Then came the Btec 4, Train the Trainer, Driver Metrics amongst others. Tri-Coaching are current, professional all the things they should be - but they’re so much more and the support doesn’t end with the course/qualification. I can now finally say I’m the ADI I always wanted to be, but there’s no way I could’ve done it without them. They’re literally the best.

Train the Trainer 28 Mar 2019

I attended Train the Trainer course recently and the course was incredible. Graham Hooper, Susan McCormack & Diane Everett-Skinner have opened my mind to a new world and both myself and my pupils are reaping the rewards. I have also signed up for the BTec4 later this year and can't wait to start.

Tri-Coaching Partnership Trainer 27 Mar 2019

I have been associated with Tri-Coaching Partnership. I have attended several different courses, starting with the BTEC level 4. I was so impressed with the course, and the trainers, that I, subsequently, attended other courses including the Train the Trainer course. I am also one of the trainers for Tri-Coaching which creates opportunities for furthering my business. There is always loads of support from the TCP team and you never feel alone. I cannot thank Susan and Graham enough do the opportunities they create, and also to Sara and Di for their support also. I cannot recommend the Tri-Coaching courses enough to inspire a fresh approach to training. Also, TCP keeps up to date with the latest ‘goings on’ in the industry.

BTEC 4 27 Mar 2019

I’ve been helping a lady since last October with her driver training. She had failed 4 tests about 20 years ago, and suffered from anxiety, and bad experiences. On Monday (25/03/2019) she passed her driving test with me first time, and that same day, wrote a review for my google page. When I read the review, and reflected on the whole experience, I asked myself honestly, would I have been able to help this lady, and give her the best experience I could without developing my instructor skills first. The answer to that is, probably NO, and it is for that reason, and many more reasons (too long too list!) that I highly recommend Tri Coaching Partnership (Graham & Susan), and their BTEC level 4 professional award in coaching for driver development. This course has given me the client-centred tools to help raise my clients awareness, and help them build responsibility so they learn how their personality impacts on their driving behaviour, and develop skills to manage their behaviour safely. The coaching approach I learnt empowers them to develop self-evaluation skills, and take ownership of their driving once qualified. I’ll leave the review below so you can read (with the help of Tri Coaching) how I changed this ladies life... “After a break of over 20 years and four failed tests I decided, age 47 to give it one last go. Steve is an amazing instructor. He made me believe in myself. Taught me the skills to be a safe driver. Encouraged me every step of the way. Completely different experience from previous three instructors. Steve understood I wanted to learn to be a good driver, not just pass a test. I decided what I wanted to do each lesson which helped me focus on what I needed to feel confident. This morning I woke in sheer terror and panic. Half hour of Steve calming me down I passed my driving test. Steve is brilliant. Respectful of anxieties and previous bad experiences. He is very patient and offers a stress free relaxed experience. Never thought I would do it. Thank you Steve”

Tri-Coaching Partnership 27 Mar 2019

Tri- coaching company are fantastic and their trainers are fantastic too