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BTEC 4 27 Mar 2019

Completed my Btec4 in coaching several years ago, the best CPD investment I’ve ever made ! It changed everything for the better. Graham Hooper & Susan McCormack deliver every time 😊

27 Mar 2019

I have been attending Tri-Coaching courses since 2012, I have always found the content thought provoking and all have certainly helped in my personal development. I first attended the BTEC, course initially hosted by Graham and Sue, this was my first introduction to not only coaching but to both Graham and Sue, to say this course was inspirational and indeed life changing for me personally would be an understatement. I have since attended further courses hosted not only by Graham and Sue but by Dianne and Sara. These were as equally as thought provoking with fantastic content. The team are extremely helpful, dedicated and passionate. I can not praise Tri-Coaching enough, they are industry leading and recommend their training to everyone.

Tri-Coaching Partnership 27 Mar 2019

I've completed Btec 4, Train the Trainer, ACCeLerate and Driver Metrics courses now through Tri Coaching. Over the past three years I've diversified from learner drivers to PDI training, instructor training and Driver Metrics training. I have a plan, and always have had to continue my development throughout my career and advance as far as I can......that's my plan, however without Tri-Coaching would all of this have been possible ? I certainly wouldn't be where I am now and I'm not sure how else I'd have gotten here. A brilliant company, brilliant trainers and brilliant people

BTEC 4 27 Mar 2019

Took my training to a other level. Gave me the confidence to become the best trainer I could. Offered ongoing support and guidance. The BTEC 4 was the best thing I ever did. Would highly recommend any instructor to go on a Tri-Coaching journey of personal development.

ORDIT 12 Mar 2019

The training you get is 5 star I've just passed my Ordit inspection with no unsatisfactory faults.I no way thought this was possible for myself. just like to thank you all for your help I'm also looking forward to training PDIs and ADIs

Train the Trainer 04 Mar 2019

I came away with a good working knowledge of the relationship between the National Standards for Driving (and riding) and the ADI Standards Check.I also learned a great deal about other methods of training students in preparation for all types of driving associated tests.The trainers (Susan and Graham) were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They listened to the candidates, and worked to fufil their individual goals over the two days.I am very glad I attended.

BTEC 4 04 Mar 2019

I have recently completed the BTEC Level 4 and wanted to share my experience. I was unsure where in the industry I could turn to further develop my coaching skills. This course has provided me with the tools I needed to ensure my personal development continues with a clear focus on client centred learning. The support provided by Susan and Graham during the course and their enthusiastic approach to coaching ensured learning took place effectively. I now intend to continue to develop the skills I have learnt and then next year decide on my next challenge to continue with my professional development. I would recommend Tri Coaching Partnership to anyone considering further professional development.

51/51 & BTEC 4 04 Mar 2019

I have been an ADI for some. When I met Graham at a conference, due to good results and an abundance of clients I had convinced myself that I was a great instructor. Which I was – An instructor. That been said, through all the training I had done up to that point not one of my trainers had used the word coaching! A very disappointing standards check test shortly after that resulted in a huge crisis in confidence and a confusion about what I thought my job was and what the reality and modern expectations were. I booked some training with Tri-coaching and decided to re-educate myself. After much self-reflection and numerous action plans facilitated by that training session the next Standards Check result was a perfect 51. All this did though was make me realise that I was very far from the instructor I needed and wanted to be. Thereafter, I decided to try and improve myself and so did the train the trainer course with Susan and Graham. It was a great course in terms of my professional development – but the added bonus was that I started realising the potential for my business and the increased income I could generate by being able to assist others in the industry. Now very motivated I decided to undertake the Btec4 – coaching for driving instruction. What an awesome course delivered by the most gifted trainers I’ve ever been taught by. I can honestly say that I have never learned more on a single course. And I have done and delivered numerous in my previous career in the food industry. My understanding of coaching is now so entrenched that I don’t really know how to train drivers of any level without the coaching skills I have developed. I have recently completed my Btec4 course, but the beauty of it is that by the time you are done, the development that started at the beginning of the course has really started to show results, and once that happens it motivates one to do more. By the end of the course I was changed as a trainer forever. Where am I now? My business is going really well, and I am starting to focus more and more on delivering CPD training for other ADI’s and PDI’s. Not only has my earning potential increased dramatically, but I am having the most rewarding time at any point in my adult working career. My association with Tri-coaching is invaluable to me. They are the best placed company in the UK to help make you the best product you can possibly be, and their experience of the business side of the industry then helps you to sell that great product. You could have a job, or you could have a career with infinite personal and financial rewards. The only thing you need to achieve this is to use the services that are so readily available with this amazing company – Tri-Coaching Partnership.

Train the Trainer 27 Feb 2019

Last week I attended the Train The Trainer course in Maidstone and it was fantastic. The entire Tri-Coaching team are amazing and they have opened my mind to a new way of coaching. The knowledge and support they offer is wonderful and I cannot thank them enough. Very highly recommend Tri-Coaching Partnership.

Tri-Coaching 26 Feb 2019

Hugely beneficial time spent on these courses, lots of positivity to give and take from all the sessions too, very knowledgeable and approachable trainers. Huge thanks.

Train the Trainer 26 Feb 2019

Would recommend TCIT, to anyone wanting to expand their school had a great 2 days and learnt a loads. Score10/10

BTEC 4 26 Feb 2019

I very much enjoyed working on the Btec 4 with Susan and Graham. Their delivery was interesting, the assignments absolutely on point with developing myself and my learners. No death by power point moments, and no numb bum at all. There was always plenty of support, laughter, new friends, and plenty of delicious food on hand too! You can see by the photo how much Graham and Susan enjoy their job!(I hope they will forgive me for posting it!). I was nervous about the in car training, but Fiona and Kevin made it relaxed and enjoyable. By far the best training I've been on as a driving instructor. Time for other training bodies in this industry to wake up to how it should be done! The monthly payments absolutely worked for me, otherwise I probably wouldn't have taken the course. Many thanks to you all.