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BTEC 4 in Coaching 28 Nov 2019

After thinking long and hard weather to do the Btec Level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development course. and kept putting it off.(was thinking about it for a year🙄) I decided to contact graham and have a chat as it was a bit out of my comfort zone. Graham put my mind at ease .so enrolled on the course.and am so glad I did. I met some amazing people. Sue and Graham and the tri coaching team are very knowledgeable. Kev and Fiona made the course very enjoyable.the in car day with terry was brilliant again was out of my comfort zone but we'll worth it .help and support was always available with the assingments. Any questions where answered quickly..this course has made a big difference to the way i think about and do my job. I have already enrolled for another course with them so goes without saying i would recommend any ADI wanting training to contact tri coaching you won't regret it.

BTEC 4 in Coaching for Driver Development 21 Nov 2019

I have just completed the btec 4 coaching course and have found the course to be fantastic throughout. The course gives a fuller understanding of how to coach properly and I have learned some great techniques that I will now use daily on my driver trainer sessions. The assignments are challenging but really help you develop your understanding and knowledge of coaching and support was always there when needed. All in all I'm extremely glad I did the course as I now feel i have improved as a trainer.

Presentation Skills 17 Nov 2019

Before attending the ‘Presentation Skills’ course I was quite nervous and apprehensive, as I didn’t feel comfortable standing up in front of a room full of strangers. However, this is the very reason why I decided to attend the course in the first place. As always, and in true Tri-Coaching style, I was soon being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone and therefore, began to discover my strengths and weaknesses. They set about developing my presentation skills by working in a relaxed manner but still pushing me to achieve my own personal goals. They gave me the strength and self-belief to keep working on my weaknesses. As a result, I left the course with a new found confidence, to continue to develop my presentation skills further. I would highly recommend any course run by Tri-coaching. Thank you again, to Sue and Sara for an excellent two days.

Standards Check & BTEC 4 12 Nov 2019

Since completing the BTEC 4 with Tri Coaching Partniship in 2016, I have tried to hone the skills and knowledge gained to become a more complete and customer focused professional. The exceptional course provided and run by Sue and Graham have today enabled me to become a Grade A instructor. I would thoroughly recommend the course, not just to "chase" the grade, but to improve your own knowledge and skill base.

Standards Check and BTEC 4 12 Nov 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for something you might be completely unaware of. Today I passed my standards check with my second grade A since I took the BTEC 3 with Di and Sara in 2014 and the BTEC 4 with Sue and Graham in 2015. In fact, I did even better than last time(46) and got 49/51. I'm really chuffed. The BTEC 3 was a real revelation and I remember Di saying, in the coffee queue, that coaching was a very natural way of learning compared to instruction. Now at that point I was still trying to come to terms with the old fault finding approach to instruction and if I'm honest, I'd never got totally to grips with it. Never got higher than a 5 in any check test I'd done. I always felt that there was only one way to do the job. So, when Di said that, I suddenly felt vindicated and that it was ok to do things more naturally. Also, here was someone saying that this approach could possibly be better. The day we spent in the car confirmed this as Di proved that it is pointless throwing a load of open questions at the pupil all the time (something I'd never understood the point of.) She got me really thinking about the value of a question and its' purpose. I can't tell you how life changing that moment was. I suddenly "understood" how to ask questions. When I took the plunge to go and do the BTEC 4 I knew that I was committing time and money ( loss of earnings, b&b costs) to something I thought would be demanding and difficult. And it was. Kind of. It took up time to travel and complete the assignments etc but Sue and Graham also made me really think. They also made me feel good about what I did out on the road with learners because I felt clear about what I was doing and confident that what I was doing was going to benefit my clients. At last, I felt clear about what and how to do the job I'd been doing for 14 years. Sue and Graham built on what Di had begun. As some of you will know, I've become an Assessor for TTC and an NDORS Instructor since then. I also enjoy my sessions on the road with Driver Metrics clients. I'm not convinced that I would have had the confidence to apply for either of the first two jobs had I not done the BTEC qualifications. The BTEC also helped me get accepted for some fleet work for TTC when I have no fleet licence. Today, the SE commented that it was a real pity that I didn't teach learners anymore and thanked me for a "very client centred lesson that was enjoyable to witness." ( I've attached my SC1.) Perhaps if I'd found you all 10 years ago I'd have felt a whole lot better about "teaching" learners and I might have had more satisfying lessons. I certainly would have been much more confident in my job as an ADI. With best wishes to you all. Philippa Philippa Joyce

Presentation Skills 02 Nov 2019

Another fantastic course by Tri-coaching! Just completed a two day Presentation Business Skills workshop, not only does it focus on business it is also personal to my own development. I have realised my apparence is important to me, my voice is better than I thought and people who put me down or try to piss on my bonfire are really just afraid of my skills. Learning comes from within, I learnt it's ok to be myself and I don't need to work too hard to make a good impression as I am good enough as me! Power-posing and power Ballard's are all I need to be who I truly am the rest is my natural personality.

Presentation Skills 02 Nov 2019

I've just completed the Coaching Excellence in Business Two Day Presentation Skills Course. A brilliant two days. For anyone interested in developing their business skills and venturing into other areas. We had a lot of fun on this course whilst learning, developing and knocking down barriers. I've learned the importance of the show up and now understand how to overcome feelings that have always inhibited me in the past. Thanks Susan McCormack and Sara Everett-Skinner

Presentation Skills 02 Nov 2019

I have just been on the Tri Coaching Presentation Skills course which went way beyond all my expectations. I didn’t quite know what to expect but the course content was excellent and a personal game changer for me! From the first day, I started to change the way I thought about myself and how I presented to others in ways that I could not have done before, a super powered, ultra bright lightbulb moment!! I learned so much about myself and started off with my usual anxiety about getting up in front of people to actually wanting to get up and do something more! I’m really excited about my future now with my new found confidence and would definitely recommend anyone who would like to become more confident in talking to others 1-1, in a group or delivering courses. It’s not just about confidence though, it’s also about being aware of yourself and you have to do that before you can move on and change how you interact with and help empower others. Thank you to the amazing Susan McCormack and Sara Everett-Skinner for a wonderful 2 days of CPD!

Train the Trainer 24 Oct 2019

A great course . The passion and enthusiasm rubs off on you and allows you to relax and enjoy the course . If you are thinking of doing this course stop thinking and just book it. You wont regret it. Thanks guys for a great course I learned lots and gained new friends!

Train the Trainer 18 Oct 2019

I am glad I have done Train the Trainer course which was held on Tuesday & Wednesday this week. I personally found it very useful and worthwhile as it made realise that how a short training course boosts your career. The trainers were friendly but professionals and very helpful. I will recommend to any ADI’s who specifically want to take their careers to the next level. I planning to do a BTEC 4 course in order to make my self even more equipped in the future. Thank you

Train the Trainer 17 Oct 2019

I am very much enjoyed the 2 days Train the Trainer course which was held on 15 & 16 October in Guildford. Even though I have been working as an ADI over 10 years, it made me realise that there is always room for improvement. It was worth while as I have learned and managed to get the best advice as well. The trainers were very friendly, helpful and professional. I am glad that I have done the course and I am planning to do the BTEC 4 course as well. Thank you.

Train the Trainer 16 Oct 2019

I want to thank Graham and Tony for a good 2 days on Train the Trainer course. Very informative and was fun too. Would highly recommend the course.Thank you all.