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Session with Catherine

This was my first time at Alchemy Healing Arts Center. Catherine was able to help me like I had not expected. Catherine has an advanced understanding of the therapy that she administers. I’m very grateful to have found someone with her knowledge, and will return.

Post Surgical Lymph Drainage

Amelia was nothing short of GREAT. My first session of lymphatic drainage was amazingly soothing, but more important, I saw immediate results with my swelling shortly after returning home. Amelia really took some time to talk to me about my procedure and the benefits of the massage. She also took time to explain what she was doing during the therapy session, and I was immediately placed at ease. She has a BEAUTIFUL spirit and I am blessed to have come across her on-line.

Hit the spot

What a coincidence! (No, there are no coincidences!) Erin just took a class that addressed my need today, exactly. I told her my problem and she just hit the spot to relieve my discomfort.

Loved my session with Erin

I was so sorry to lose Lorin. However, Erin did her homework and read all Lorin’s notes. She knew all my concerns and needs. We started out like we had known each other forever. I loved my session with her and look forward to our next.

Massage + Reflexology = Bliss

After a 90 minute massage with reflexology by Erin, my squawky shoulder and ankle and points inbetween are so much better.


Catherine put it most beautifully when she said "You're history is not uncomplicated", which is a delightful understatement. Being oldish, I've had a lot of time to warp my musculoskeletal system, and other systems. Add fearless and reckless to that and you get quite a few wicked bicycle crashes, s few car accidents, several falls down stairs, and so on, and those are just the physical traumas. Jackie was recommended by my new physician, and with the few sessions with Jackie and one with Catherine, They have helped me more in a couple months than my doctors have I a couple years.

Car Accident Healing

Sabrina has fantastic technique. She is phenomenal at reading the body and adjusting as needed. I have personally gone from migraines and chronic pain all the time to experiencing migraines on occassion and significant decrease in chronic pain level.

Amazing place!!

I cannot say enough good things about Catherine. She is a pleasure to work with and has treated my son for several craniosacral sessions for anxiety. It has helped tremendously!!!