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Genuinely Care

Alchemy is truly a healing space. I feel myself relax the moment I step in the door. All of the therapists are highly skilled, but more importantly, they genuinely care about their mission of helping people find wholeness. The staff are also wonderfully supportive and flexible. After my last massage, I wanted to take some time to savor the feeling of relaxation and warmth, so I made myself cup of tea and sat in the comfy lounge area coloring for half an hour. No one batted an eyelash.

Alex has helped me get rid of headaches I have had for over 20 years. I have been seeing her for just over a year and every month the headaches would get better. I am off my Imitrex, thanks to her! Amelia has such a wonderful energy and seems to embody peace and love. Wonderful place, wonderful therapists!

Trust the Practitioners

Walk into a calming and cheerful environment. Trust the practitioners to listen closely while they tend to your concerns.

Listened to How ALL of Me Was Feeling

I was the beneficiary of a gifted day at Alchemy Healing Arts Center and it was possibly the best gift I've ever received. My experience was more than the usual 'spa day', it was a day where my treatment professionals listened to how ALL of me was feeling and they worked hard to attend to my needs. Yes, my body was ready for a massage and reflexology, however, that specific period in time was overwhelmingly sad and stress filled, yet through conversation in advance of my treatments, I felt confident that my sessions would focus on my emotional and spiritual healing as well. I left feeling well, in mind, body and spirit. I can't recommend this group of people or this environment enough.

Laura/Alex truly has gifted hands. I have been coming to Alchemy for more than 2 years and feel better than I have in many years. She is always attuned to what is bothering me today.

Caring Touch

I had the pleasure of having a series of lovely treatments at Alchemy. Their service is wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a caring touch and lasting benefits.

Professionals Blend Kindness and Welcoming Attitudes

Alchemy Healing Arts is a truly wonderful place. All of the therapists are consummate professionals, blending kindness and welcoming attitudes in their practice. Their intentional care has helped me and my family to better health. I couldn't recommend them more highly!