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Catherine put it most beautifully when she said "You're history is not uncomplicated", which is a delightful understatement. Being oldish, I've had a lot of time to warp my musculoskeletal system, and other systems. Add fearless and reckless to that and you get quite a few wicked bicycle crashes, s few car accidents, several falls down stairs, and so on, and those are just the physical traumas. Jackie was recommended by my new physician, and with the few sessions with Jackie and one with Catherine, They have helped me more in a couple months than my doctors have I a couple years.

Car Accident Healing

Sabrina has fantastic technique. She is phenomenal at reading the body and adjusting as needed. I have personally gone from migraines and chronic pain all the time to experiencing migraines on occassion and significant decrease in chronic pain level.

Amazing place!!

I cannot say enough good things about Catherine. She is a pleasure to work with and has treated my son for several craniosacral sessions for anxiety. It has helped tremendously!!!

Healing Central

At Alchemy you will find peace and healing, understanding and empathetic therapists, and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Multiple Therapist Sessions

The excellent CranioSacral Therapy I’ve had with Catherine has been extremely helpful in alleviating pain in a several old injuries and new issues. At Catherine’s suggestion, I decided to try a multiple therapist session to complete the healing of a stubborn decades old shoulder injury. Jackie joined the session and with Catherine‘s expert direction, I found that having two therapists increases the level, speed and amount of healing that can occur. They were able to address the initial injury plus subtle collateral damage in the body from the injury. The result is that the healing addresses more areas of the body and at a deeper level. My entire body feels and moves feels better. I did a number of sessions with Catherine and Jackie and more recently, Elizabeth joined the team. The effect is truly exponential. For example, Catherine and Jackie were able to connect the injured right shoulder and the left hip among other areas to heal collateral damage from the injury. In the first session with three therapists, I could feel the healing effect in the entire torso in many directions. In the most recent session with all three therapists, they were able to promote healing from my head to my toes and even corrected an minor issue I hadn’t even mentioned. Pretty amazing. My shoulder feels strong and back in its normal position. I’m able to move the shoulder in normal ways without causing pain. Needless to say, I would highly recommend multiple therapist CranioSacral Therapy/Massage/Visceral Combo sessions especially for severe injuries, stubborn injuries or chronic conditions.


Excellent. Will return.

This Process

My whole body feels safe and secure, and I know that my body will heal.

Well Being

I feel the staff here have my best interest in mind and take care of my well being