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Erin is the Bomb

Erin is the bomb. You don't need to tell her a thing -- she knows where to go and she has made my back feel so so much better! She is the best.

Wonderful Therapists

I had Craniosacral work with Catherine Whelan, and it was one of the best therapy session I have had, and she is a wonderful therapist. I would highly recommend her!


Jackie was AMAZING! I havent had a massage in a long time & found her pressure & Knowlege of how the body works to be very comforting

In Support of You

Alchemy is calming, quiet, peaceful....The space is beautiful with lots of windows, kind and loving sayings on the walls, and fresh flowers every time I have been there. Amelia is very talented and passionate in her work and her business. I have found her Lymph Node Drainage sessions to be very helpful. I experience both a calming effect and an energizing effect with her work. Her mannerisms are soothing and comforting. I always enjoy my sessions with her. Erin is amazing with body work. Her 90 minute restorative session is amazing and I always find relief in my problem areas-shoulder and lower back. She is fun and also calming and soothing. My body has improved under her hand. I always look forward to my sessions with her. I have also worked with Elizabeth, who did a really wonderful job on a very painful kink in my back. She was able to work it such that I could walk out better than I walked in. Each therapist takes time before the treatment to understand where you are today, what has worked, what hasn’t, and to discuss the treatments or what would be more helpful. All in the practice are very comfortable with clients moving from one therapist to another in support of you having the best experience your body needs. Highly recommend!

Talented People Who Care About You as an Individual

Alchemy is my go to place for healing. I have had some challenging health conditions that resulted in a lot of pain. Both Amelia and Catherine have helped me tremendously in managing the pain and even making the pain completely go away where I no longer need painkillers. Alchemy is truly a wonderful place with talented people who care about you as an individual. It is a great place for healing.

BEST Massage Therapist I've Ever Had

Erin Kennedy is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had. She has this uncanny ability to feel areas that need attention and she works with that muscle in a very therapeutic way. The office is very nice and relaxing too. I like booking my appointment online as it shows the slots available and other options. Parking is nearby too. 5 star all around. I will be back.

Treatment Evolves Effectively

Relaxing environment and Jackie is a terrific therapist. She takes her time to work with you and her treatment evolves effectively upon each regular visit.

Empowered Mentally and Physically

I cannot express how much Catherine and Jackie have improved my health and well-being! I have been a client of Jackie’s for a year receiving myofascial release and yin yoga massages. I am an advid runner and when I met Jackie, I was seriously injured. Through Jackie’s knowledge and skill, I was able to recover and am able to run again since I am more flexible, less prone to injury, and feel an overall improvement in my health. Her Yin yoga has empowered my mental state, channeling my inner spirit to focus on me and my ability to succeed. I have had four sessions of cranialsacral therapy with Catherine and the results are tremendous. I have suffered with vertigo for 30 years and she immediately resolved my symptoms after the first session. The sessions have also significantly improved my lower back pain. Both Catherine and Jackie are wonderful at their crafts and I look forward to my sessions; I always feel better. I highly recommend both and Alchemy Healing Arts Center!!