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Standards Check and Part 3 Workshop Route 51 18 Jul 2022

I found the Standards check & part 3 workshop helpful, in particular I have a better understanding of what the examiner expects and I feel more confident in preparation for my next standards check and hopefully receiving a higher grade.

Standards Check and Part 3 Workshop Route 51 15 Jul 2022

Had the route 51 course with Neil and Susan. Really is in sightful and professional. Quite a few lightbulb moments of when you are in the car with a pupil and what to do or ask. Would highly recommend

aCCeLerate your client centred learning 20 Jun 2022

Many thanks to Neil Wightman for an insightful course on client-centred coaching. There was a lot to take on board but a great way to learn through interaction with others on the course and great fun too

aCCeLerate your client centred learning 16 Jun 2022

These people are very good vey professional and very good at what they do thoroughly enjoyed my two days course with them now looking forward to starting my btech4 with them

aCCeLerate your client centred learning 16 Jun 2022

Great course Neil Wightman From tr coaching learnt loads and thoroughly enjoyed both days Thank you

Part 3 pass Route 51 Premium 13 Jun 2022

Buckle up long post alert.... Having being a PDI for 6 months I was really struggling with everything, there was just something missing in my lessons and training! Can't say how much I've spent on useless trainers and adis just in case my partner sees. I just didn't "get it" and was on the verge of calling it a day thinking there was more to life than stressing about how rubbish my lessons felt to me, of course my pupils enjoyed them but I was coming away thinking I'm just surviving not actually learning. Then I came across route 51 and my initial thought was "here we go more wasted money but what's a few extra hundred in the shrinking training account" well that few hundred pound was the missing link and a certain Mr Hooper! The course itself was invaluable but meeting Graham I learnt more in a few hours than I had this whole blasted journey, honestly could have cried. His way with words, teaching style was something I'd never experienced and it actually sat in my head for weeks. It made me actually like the career I'd chosen and he knew what would work for me rather than me giving him a role play lesson which doesn't work for me. Anyway my thumb hurts but I passed my part 3 today and this wouldn't have happened without Graham or the route 51, I know it's a massive achievement and I'm grateful but after time with Graham it's made me realise actually the learning doesn't stop there I need to aim higher and with further courses from Tri coaching that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Standards Check Workshop Route 51 11 Jun 2022

A very informative course! It helped me to clarify and understand what I need to do for my next SC. The follow-up videos will help too when I continue my preparations. Thanks.

Train the Trainer 11 Jun 2022

Hi, I completed the train the trainer course on the first of June. What did I think of it? Well wow, so open and informative, easy to follow, (well sometimes šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚) well presented confidence building to help you become a train the trainer. Graham is a great coach, picked up more than just the course training. Thank you. Iā€™m so looking forward to starting knowing I have you guys in my corner.

aCCeLerate Course 07 Jun 2022

Just finished a two day accelerate course with this company learnt loads had a great time with a bunch of great people fantastic experience I will continue with this company Thanks to our instructor Neil for a great experience Tony baker

Review 03 Jun 2022

Just completed two day train the trainer course. Highly informative and professional support should you decide to train your own PDIs. I would highly recommend even to simply update your training skills.

Review 03 Jun 2022

Just completed two day train the trainer course. Highly educational and professional service provided. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to train PDIs or to update their skills.

Review 02 Jun 2022

Attended TCIT course which was very informative and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this course for any ADI looking to train there own PDI