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Train the Trainer 25 Jul 2020

I first completed the Tri Coaching ‘Train the Trainer’ course last year as a way of networking, checking on my knowledge and understanding and as a look into how Tri-Coaching delivered instructor training. The course had excellent content with a good balance of theoretical principles and practical activities and role play. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has acted as a steppingstone for me towards possible instructor training opportunities and developing my own instructing through the BTEC Level 4 which I started in February. I prefer face to face courses every time but have been very impressed by the way Tri-Coaching have delivered the Zoom BTEC sessions. I recently revisited the Train the Trainer course, this time with the view to using it as a platform to expand my skills and broaden my services. I am particularly impressed with the extensive support package in place and feel confident that I will be able to utilise the TCiT product with that support! Finally, I cannot thank the team enough for their expertise, their encouragement and professionalism plus being pretty nice people! I look forward to working with Tri-Coaching on further courses in the future and who knows where it may take me 😊

Train the Trainer 24 Jul 2020

I have just taken part in the 2 day Train the Trainer course delivered via zoom. For me it was a refresher but everything I've been doing over the last 2 years, starting with Train the Trainer back in 2018, then the BTEC4 and Presentation Skills which truly helped me become more self aware and reflect on myself. I wanted to repeat this course and see how far I'd come with this fantastic company and I am absolutely delighted in how I feel today in that everything clicks perfectly into place! I am so excited now to go out and grab as many PDIs as I can so that I can deliver the TCIT course, which is a product I truly believe in and trust completely! Thank you to the wonderful and amazing Susan McCormack for her absolute excellence as always x

Standards Check 14 Jul 2020

Very informative in bits sized chunks

Standards Check and Part 3 13 Jul 2020

Enjoyed the zoom and found it helpful and informative and will give me a better understanding of what is required when I take my Part 3. The reason 4stars not 5 was difficulty in the beginning not been able to join in until a break as initially had the wrong link. Had to take on phone instead of laptop.

Tri-Coaching Partnership 15 Jun 2020

Since finding out about tri- coaching partnership through the M.S.A. I have completed the Route 51, Train the Trainer course, and recently done the Betec 4 professional award and I have loved doing all the courses that I have covered so far and learnt so much I can't thank tri- coaching trainers enough for all there help throughout especially to my trainer Ian Lavell first class trainers thank you.

BTEC 4 Zoom 14 Jun 2020

Very happy I joined Tri-Coaching Partnership course and plan on completing more in the future. I can feel the change and progress. So glad took the step and glad this service is available. Absolutely amazing! Has challenged and got me thinking. Relaxed environment, approachable and fun tutors and support beyond the classroom. Inspiring, motivational and creative. Thank you :)

BTEC 4 Zoom 11 Jun 2020

Being a bit apprehensive with my Btec module 3 being delivered through Zoom, I was really surprised how much I actually enjoyed it. In my opinion it there was not much difference to the classroom, loads of interaction with a fantastic bunch of instructors and a great job done by the whole of the Tri coaching team in the way the module was delivered. Highly recommend Thanks again Robin😊

BTEC 4 09 Jun 2020

I completed my BTEC level 4 course in Bristol with two fantastic trainers Kev & Terry. Before the course began I admit I was a little apprehensive and going out of my comfort zone but I needn't have worried. Kev & Terry were superb and within 5 mins I could tell I was in good hands. Now I've completed the course I feel ready to take my lessons, and career on to the next level with everything I've learned from it. Kev & Terry are two of the best trainers around. They have a wealth of knowledge, are approachable and have one help you succeed. If you're thinking of getting some training dont hesitate and give Tri-Coaching a call. Thank you so much Kev, Terry & Tri-Coaching

Tri-Coaching Partnership 08 Jun 2020

I've been lucky enough to attend some Tri Coaching training programmes and meet some of their trainers. The emails we have received in this period of down time, have been informative and well put together to allow me to keep on top of CPD whilst away from the car at the moment! Thank You to the team!

Standards Check & Part 3 Workshop 04 Jun 2020

Although apprehensive as to whether or not a Zoom meeting would really work - I was rather impressed with the operation of it all. No interruptions from the speaker and no-one talking over each other. I have attended this course before, albeit a few years ago. I was struck with how different it was - for the better, too ! My colleague and myself were expecting our Standards Checks to be about August 2020 time, but due to the Coronavirus, this is going to be put back for quite a while. It's still worth attending, as it works as a confidence boost in practice to what you SHOULD be doing anyway. Great stuff, guys. Keep up the good work. Mark Wardle.

Standards Check & Part 3 Workshop 04 Jun 2020

The Tri-Coaching Partnership Standards Check Workshop was fantastic. If I’m honest, I expected a day of learning and information gathering and one that I would benefit from in preparation for my Standards Check. What I didn’t expect was the wealth of content, engagement and scenarios that succeeded in bringing the hosts and delegates together as a group that resulted in a lot of interaction and learning taking place all round. Richard Spiers delivered the course really well and his hosting was complemented by Graham Hoopers interjections and experiences. I would advocate this type of Workshop as Zoom facilitated bringing a wide audience together and thIs style of session, with a limited number of delegates made it feel exclusive and more intimate. The added value to enrolling in this Workshop is the host of post-workshop materials that are provided to facilitate continued learning. I loved the session and having also participated in the BTEC 4 Module 1 Workshop the day previously, I have no doubt that the perception and reality of the Tri-Coaching brand is one in the same - First Class! Thank you!

Standards Check & Part 3 Workshop 30 May 2020

Was a good course and has given me a really good idea of what will be looked at on my standards check. In turn I now feel better prepared for my Standards Check