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aCCeLerate 13 Jan 2021

Very good course to take, easy to follow & learn.

aCCeLerate 13 Jan 2021

The Accelerate course was excellent! I really benefitted from it as I found it compliments the Btec4 which I am currently attending. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to develop their coaching skills

Tri-Coaching Instructor Training 16 Dec 2020

James just left a new 5-star review of Tri-Coaching Driving Instructor Training: Today I qualified as an adi, I was blessed to have passed all 3 parts first time thanks to the tri coaching course, amazing product delivered by an amazing trainer, can’t thank them enough for everything, my trainer and friend Ian Lavell really did go above and beyond. I fully recommend this to anybody thinking about coming into this industry

Group Coaching 10 Dec 2020

I signed up for group coaching with TriCoaching partnership as it was something new. I had no idea what to expect but I wasn’t disappointed! Graham Hooper presented the course and made it clear from the outset that there were no right or wrong answers - always a bonus! Meeting and talking to people who wanted to discover more about their goals, their motivations and the barriers that we all put out there, was insightful. Over the 4 week course we explored methods, techniques and strategies that we can use going forward to help achieve our goals. With plenty of support from Graham and the rest of the group, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would therefore recommend participating in group coaching.

Group Coaching 09 Dec 2020

I recently attended a group coaching course hosted by Graham Hooper. I found the course has given me a real boost when it comes to how I feel about myself as someone who often struggles with low self esteem and since completing this course I am learning to not only be kinder to myself but also to organise my thoughts better and set myself realistic goals. A very uplifting course which also gave me a chance to get to know other like minded instructors who all seem to have very similar worries and challenges, so it gave a very welcome and very real sense of community. And of course Graham’s injections of humour and honesty helped to make the course very enjoyable and worthwhile. A big thank you 🙏

Group Coaching 09 Dec 2020

Through the second lockdown, I attended group coaching meetings via Zoom with Graham Hooper and a lovely group of fellow ADI's. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the meetings but I'm so glad I joined. I found the sessions really inspiring, and nice to talk with other ADI's about our own goals, whether they were personal or professional. Graham was on hand with helpful advice, encouraging words and models to help us prioritise what's important in order to achieve our goals. I would like to thank Graham and the others who attended with me for giving me the confidence to take what I've learned from all of the team at Tri-Coaching and put it into action!! Highly recommend!!

Group Coaching 09 Dec 2020

I recently attended the Group Coaching Course and it was brilliant. Graham ensured it was a non judgemental environment where we were allowed to share and develop our coaching skills. I have used all the skills I took from the course today with a new learner and broke the learning down into bite size chunks and the difference to normal instructor led training was phenomenal. Really recommend this course and any tri-coaching course.

Group Coaching 09 Dec 2020

Absolutely amazing company. Loads of help and advice. I would highly recommend the BTEC 4. Before the BTEC I did the accelerate course and it made me want to do more. They are so helpful you can't go wrong. Graham did some free coaching classes during lockdown, unfortunately I could only attend one but it was great! Thank you to all involved.

Group Coaching 09 Dec 2020

Hi Graham, Many thanks again for the group coaching sessions during November. Each session was well structured and you had clearly planned ahead with regards to what each session would cover. Thanks again, Dean

Group Coaching 05 Dec 2020

Awesome experience with Graham. Looked forward to all my sessions and was enlightening. Will definitely consider their courses on offer in the future for CPD

Group Coaching 04 Dec 2020

Graham was absolutely fantastic in the Group Coaching sessions. Very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. Will now consider other courses.

Standards Check 13 Nov 2020

Thank you for putting together a very informative course in these difficult times. It was the first time I had been involved in a Zoom meeting so that was good and being to do group exercises was really good and I’m sure companies will be looking at this type of meeting where they don’t have to hire venues and other costs for the day I liked the fact that it felt we were all together in the meeting room Neil was great with his information and his organisation of the day It was great when Sue gave the thoughts she was really passionate about the subject.