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Results like no other!

Amelia is an amazing lymphatic drainage expert. I have Lymphedema from below my neck due to complications from surgery and I have had the best success with her treatments. This beats out my pump and compression garments. I am grateful to have found her!

Lymphatic Drainage

Amelia is an expert in Lymphatic work. I found the session soothing and very effective... it works!

A wonderful experience

I really enjoyed my first massage with Tresa. She took the time to understand my underlying health and stress issues and we worked together on the areas she would focus on. I then had a glorious massage with excellent attention to my various areas that needed extra work. Tresa is a talented and natural therapist who works hard to giver her clients an excellent, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Relaxing Soothing and Enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Tresa Ballard. It was my first massage. She was careful about any tender or problematic areas. The entire experience was relaxing, soothing and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to have her work on my “old” body.

Nothing Short of Amazing

When Amy Kinder recommended that I schedule an appointment at Alchemy, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. I have been a patient with Amy for almost 20 years, and I trust her completely. Therefore, I followed her suggestion, and I scheduled an appointment and Catherine is my therapist...I couldn't be any happier!! She is nothing short of amazing, and when the session is over, I am so relaxed that I can hardly get off of the table. I could stay there for hours and hours. She is truly an asset to Alchemy, and her hands are like magic.

A Great Year with Elizabeth

I have been fortunate to have Elizabeth Sanders as my Alchemy therapist for the past year. I started out with therapeutic massage and added caraniosacral therapy about six months ago. My initial issues included muscle spasms and back pain, which quickly improved under Elizabeth's care. I now get one 90 minute therapeutic massage per month to keep various aches and pains in check. While I moved to Arlington, VA 4 months ago and have used other craniosacral therapists here, I drive back to Annapolis once or twice per month to continue working with Elizabeth. Elizabeth made some cranial adjustments yesterday that dramatically improved some dizziness issues that have bothered me for decades. I worked on the same issue with 3 very experienced craniosacral therapists in Arlington and Elizabeth figured out how to successfully address it. Elizabeth is very bright, skilled and personable. She also knows how to talk and provide bodywork therapies at the same time, which I appreciate. I strongly recommend both Elizabeth and Alchemy.

Relaxation with Erin

I have been a client of Erin’s for about 8 years. She is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what my body needs. She has helped me through so many surgeries over the years. I highly recommend her!

Session with Catherine

This was my first time at Alchemy Healing Arts Center. Catherine was able to help me like I had not expected. Catherine has an advanced understanding of the therapy that she administers. I’m very grateful to have found someone with her knowledge, and will return.