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Partnering with VocalReferences’ Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue while helping the SMB community grow and be successful. As an affiliate you will earn commissions for each customer sold!

General conditions of our Affiliate program
All Affiliates must abide by our Terms and Conditions VocalReferences, a product of Local Hits Media LLC, retains the right, at any time, to cancel an affiliate relationship for any reason it deems necessary. Cancelling an affiliate relationship will not affect an affiliate's future commissions for sales already made, unless specific cause is given. Affiliate accounts which do not generate sales within 1 year of signing up will be automatically cancelled. Signing up for an Affiliate account confirms that you accept the terms & conditions of our VocalReferences product and the conditions of our Affiliate Program.

Your Details
As part of our Affiliate Program you will be asked to provide us with the following information after registering your VocalReferences account:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Address, including country
  • Email
  • Website URL
  • Your PayPal Account to which you wish to receive your commission
  • Brief description of how you plan on promoting the VocalReferences product.

Affiliates earn 25% commission on all funds collected (less refunds issued) for all the VocalReferences customers who register and upgrade to a paid subscription within 90 days of visiting the VocalReferences site. Affiliate commissions will be earned for upgrade subscriptions for up to 24 months from the time of upgrade or until the customer cancels, whichever comes first. Commissions will be paid quarterly with a minimum payout of $100.00 US. Payment will be made to the affiliate's PayPal account on file.

Your Affiliate Link
Your affiliate link & affiliate marketing materials will be sent to you via email upon registering as an affiliate.

Final Word
Although you do not need to be a VocalReferences customer to be an affiliate, we highly encourage you to do so, so that the first-hand experience you gain with our product will make you a better salesperson.

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