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How VocalReferences Will Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Business

updated for 2021

There’s no getting around it.  There’s a lot of competition for businesses out there.

Self-proclaimed experts are a dime a dozen in every field, even though the ones who actually know their stuff are few and far between.

Finding a way for businesses to capture their clients’ attention and earn their trust has become more difficult and necessary than ever before.

The tools that you use to improve your clients’ websites and marketing results carry a lot of weight in their success with lead generation, reputation management, and brand building.

That’s where we come in. VocalReferences collects, displays, and optimizes customer testimonials.

With just a few clicks you can place our testimonial displays on your client’s site and show all new site visitors what their past customers loved about them through dynamic, search-optimized testimonials.

More than 20,000 SMBs in diverse industries are using our testimonial tools to promote their businesses and win over happy clients. For web designers and digital marketing professionals wanting to help their clients connect with their markets, this is a game changer.

Why Do Testimonials Matter?

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded by marketing materials, and consumers no longer fully trust businesses to tell the truth.

It’s like walking through a small town and seeing “World’s Best Cup of Coffee” on signs in every window of every small diner. At least 99% of those tiny cafes are lying; there’s a good chance they all are.

Consumers approach businesses with the same general distrust today.

In order to win over their trust, they need to hear how amazing their business is from someone else besides their friends and family. These reviews could come from an influencer, but in many cases it’s best if they hear it from another regular person who just happened to be a customer.

This is why testimonials and user-generated content (UGC) are so exceptionally important in today’s marketing world.  Testimonials & UGC are considered to be the most authentic and trusted form of content you can find.

Research backs this up

Consider the following statistics:

All businesses need testimonials and user-generated content in order to truly thrive, and this is a trend that will only continue.

How VocalReferences Can Help Your Clients

When it comes to testimonials, VocalReferences will take over every step of the testimonial collection process with unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

Drive & Capture Testimonials

We offer tools that make it easier than ever to collect text, image, and even video testimonials from customers.

Video Testimonials for Digital MarketingYou or your clients can choose to send electronic prompts asking customers for testimonials through email, SMS messaging, and WhatsApp or any other communication tool.

You can also embed an Add Testimonial Button onto both your client’s website and their Facebook Business Page so that you never miss a chance for users to share their reviews online with you & your clients.

Already have reviews? You can import them from Facebook or via a CSV file.

Display Testimonials On-Site 

Once a business has started collecting reviews, you can use one of our many stunning display widgets. These display widgets are easily embedded on any page of any website.  No matter what CMS your client uses, you’ll be able to place the testimonial displays on their site.

Stunning Testimonial Layout for Digital MarketingYou and your customers will even be able to customize the layout of the displays, tweaking them to ensure that they mesh perfectly with the rest of the site and branding.

The customer will also be in full control of what’s displayed with our complete-control moderation features.  They can edit and enhance any testimonial they receive.  When they get a bad review they will have the opportunity to display it & respond to it or delete it.  No harm, no foul. They’ll get all the benefits with no risk.

Increase Off-Site Visibility of Your Testimonials

There is no doubt that having testimonials on your customers’ sites will significantly increase conversion rates, but why should you have to keep those benefits just for customers who are already visiting those pages?

A site’s testimonials should do more than just increase conversions once they’re on the site.  They should also actively help drive traffic to your customer’s site with SEO benefits.

VocalReferences has cutting-edge technology that enables automatic Google indexing of all reviews, resulting in a review SERP.   Every testimonial rating is also submitted, so as you collect more five stars reviews, you’ll be on your way to a 5-star SERP showing up on Google.

Review SERP for Digital MarketingThis review SERP will help increase traffic to your site thanks to its perks in search engine rankings without the costs of PPC campaigns or ad spends.

Since these search results are shown to people actively looking for your customers, you’ll be showing your client’s high reviews to customers who are already in the buying cycle.

We also have a strong focus on social sharing.  There is a Facebook app that allows customers to automatically display their testimonials on their Facebook Business Page.  These testimonials are permanent and never disappear from the page, so that you can be confident that the testimonials you collected will always be displayed.

There is also simple social sharing options so you & website visitors can immediately share the review to all social platforms to increase their visibility as much as possible.

Incentivize Customers To Leave Reviews

Incentivizing users to create reviews will increase the number of testimonials you receive tenfold.

For that reason, we just recently released our new Coupon Management System.

This feature allows businesses to incentivize users to submit more testimonials, creating more social proof for businesses in the process.

Five Star Coupons Home PageIn addition to being an effective incentive for users, it also works as a great SEO tool on its own.  The coupon SERP could help your clients to rank for Google Coupons SERPs and capture users far enough in the buying cycle when they’re actively looking for deals.

How VocalReferences Helps Digital Marketers & Web Developers Look Good

We all love finding ways to make our clients happy, and VocalReferences can help you do just that. Our tool is an all-in-one-stop for you to install on your clients’ sites in order to help them increase, display, and benefit from customer testimonials.

They’ll see real, tangible results from both the Google Reviews SERPs and Coupon SERPs that will increase site traffic and make it easier for them to drive more conversions.

SERP for testimonials and Coupons for Digital MarketingAnd all you have to do is embed a plugin onto their site and choose a few customization options to tailor it to your client.

How You Can Get Started with VocalReferences for Your Clients

Setting up VocalReferences for your clients is a simple process.

To get started, register as a Digital Marketing Agency for free. This takes just a few seconds.

Next, create accounts for your individual customers and start adding testimonials.

You and your customer will be able to customize the display and choose what you’re showing online at any time.

Once you start getting testimonials, upgrade your customer’s account.  Your customer’s upgraded account will then display unlimited reviews (text and video) and will automatically submit them to Google for indexing.  When the indexing is complete you should be able to see the review SERP and SEO benefits right away.

Don’t forget that our support team is always available to assist you in any business or technical question you may have. You can contact them at support@vocalreferences.com

Final Thoughts

VocalReferences can help you encourage, collect, display, and promote customer testimonials in ways that will give your clients maximum benefits from an otherwise static piece of content. 

No other tool can offer this kind of visibility—both on-site and off-site—alongside its ease of use and customization options.

Are you ready to wow your clients with the power of testimonials?

Register for free now and get started creating customer accounts!