A Great Testimonial Example

For over 3 years I have been at the helm of one of the most challenging & exciting projects of my life – VocalReferences. VocalReferences is all about testimonials; text, video, mobile, web. In short, we make it easy for small & medium sized businesses (SMB) to capture, display and promote their customers’ testimonials.

With close to 20,000 customers and growing we see our fare share of testimonials – good & bad. Every so often I take a few moments and browse though some of what people say about our customers. Today I happened upon one which, in my mind, encapsulates a great testimonial. One we would all like to have on our websites.

Here it is:

A Great Testimonial Example
Here is what makes this testimonial great:

  1. It is short but not too short (not like some of the really short one’s we see like – He’s great!, Great Job! or I highly recommend..).
  2. Not too long either. Enough to show sincerity & appreciation.
  3. It describes the problem that was solved by the SMB.
  4. It describes the solution provided by the SMB and in a very positive light.
  5. It shows emotion (and without an emoji – old school :) ).
  6. By the time we reach the end of the testimonial, where the customer states “I highly recommend..” we fully understand why they recommend this SMB.

I was thinking that maybe I’m alone in my thinking about this testimonial. I therefore polled (unscientifically) a few folks that I know that run small businesses and they all agreed, they would love to have one of these on their website.

There you have it. Not too wordy, describes the problem solved, the solution provided and how the customer feels.