Why Customer Reviews Aren’t Overrated

Why Customer Reviews Aren’t Overrated (and Neither Is Quality Sleep)

Most of us heard the old adage – sleep is overrated. This might be true for some Über mensch out there, but most of us mere mortals still need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Clocking in the hours is not the most important thing but rather it is the quality of sleep that counts just as much, if not more.

Online Customer Reviews with mattressesWe all know that a person can sleep a solid 8 hours every night and still feel like a train wreck upon waking, reaching for a duck tape to keep their eyelids up.

Certainly, there can be many reasons for feeling like that: stress, health problems, poor diet but also – a mattress that leaves something to be desired. It is not easy waking up feeling fresh and energetic if a renegade coil kept poking you in the ribs throughout the night.

Luckily, the advancement of science and technology helped a lot in shedding light on the issue of sleep and the importance of owning a quality mattress.

However, there is another interesting side effect, especially when it comes to technology – online shopping is booming. In fact, 51% of consumers bought their mattresses online as opposed to 47% who purchased their mattresses in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Two major factors influence mattress purchase – price and comfort. The price of the mattress bought online is usually some 15% lower then the one bought in a traditional store. Considering the fact that 91% of people read online reviews fairly often and that 84% trust and value those online reviews, it becomes glaringly obvious what a vital role online reviews play in buying a product online. This is because it is impossible to gauge the “comfort part” of the mattress if a person is considering buying one online.

Instead of trying out a mattress, customers turn to considerate strangers who kindly divulge their personal experiences aka – online reviews.

How to Inspire Customers to Post Online Reviews?

Results of good mattressIf mattresses are your business and you have invested your time, energy and funds into creating a product of great quality and value, then inspiring your customers to share their experiences is a logical step forward. Not only will you increase your chances when it comes to sales, but you will actually boost your credibility among your existing customers and build your brand.

Yes, we have never lived faster and sitting down and writing a review takes time. However, there are tried and tested steps that can be taken so as to encourage people to post an online review.

The ABC of Increasing the Number of Online Reviews

  • Just Ask for It – seems obvious, but many fail to do this. Ergo, kindly invite people to share their experiences with your product. You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how many are willing to do it.
  • Keep It Simple – create a link on your site that will take your customers to your review page without making them feel like they had to do a triathlon just to post a review. People don’t like it when somebody is wasting their time.
  • Nail Customer Support to a Tee – people appreciate when they feel valued. This is especially important when you are running an online business as there is no face-to-face contact. Having great customer support is especially important if things turned sour for some reason and you have an unhappy customer on your hands. They need extra care and will be far more forgiving if you meet them half-way.
  • Don’t Sweep Negative Reviews Under the Carpet – negative reviews will happen, it’s a fact of life. No matter how great your mattress is, you will not be able to make each customer fall in love with it. However, do not fall into a trap of deleting negative reviews. They serve a purpose too. Firstly, they make your business more credible because it is simply impossible to have five-star reviews from each and every customer. Secondly, and maybe more importantly – learn from them! Use them to fix problems and issues you might have overlooked.
  • Take Time to Respond to Reviews – it is only fair after all, right? If somebody has taken time to sit down and write an honest, quality review (regardless of the fact if it was positive or negative), it is your duty to reply. As simple as that. And the return will be many fold.


Online customer reviews play a big part in running a successful business, regardless of the fact if that business is strictly an online one or a traditional store. People value and trust what they read because those are (in most cases) honest and true experiences of those who have tested a product. By following the simple rules, you will be able to inspire people to post reviews on your site and help you on your way to building a thriving business.