6 Ways to Generate Leads From A Contact Page

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For any business, the ultimate goal is to convert those who visit your site into potential leads, so your site needs to be set out in a clean and concise manner.

If visitors bounce away from your contact page, it’s extremely unlikely they’re going to come back.

Communication is key when trying to convert and, should you not seem forthcoming in offering a point of reference, consumers may not afford you their trust.

In theory, that’s quite a simple notion and one as old as time.

Indeed, if something looks inviting, the more likely you are to peak a would-be customer’s interest. Amid the sheer scale of work involved to build a brand new website, the contact page is often forgotten.

It’s important to step back and focus.

Here are six major tips on how to ensure leads through your contact page.

Don’t Be Too Intrusive

Getting to know those who visit your site is certainly important but don’t go overboard early on. 

Asking anything more than a their name and email address can seem too intrusive for some and have visitors feeling uneasy as to why anyone would need that information. Two clean and friendly questions to start a dialogue is more than sufficient to get things going.

Promote Your  Social Media

Make your social media obvious on your contact page.

Having your profiles clearly in sight adds an element of authenticity to your contact page and in turn will lead to more followers. Another added bonus here is that quick access to your channels will lead to good reviews on that social media platform.

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Younger generations are more likely to engage with you through a social media platform, with one report suggesting that 95% of those aged 18-34 follow social media brands . Promoting an element of trust with the use of a social media follow button which takes them right to your social profile is an easy way to be as transparent as possible.

Include A Live Chat Box

If you have the means, make sure you’ve got live chat functionality to pop up when visitors land on your page. Jivochat, Hootsuite, ClickDesk and Drift all offer these services, so there’s really no excuse your end.

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Fast, efficient and friendly live chats are a great way to keep people engaged in your product and usher them through the door into your website. Just look at Betterment – an online investment advisor who delivers personalized chats and who are cited by HubSpot for their creative use of this tool.

Ensure Contact Incentive

Visitors having a reason to contact you isn’t always a bad thing. Communication affords the chance to expand your relationship, so don’t feel afraid to invite them to a conversation.

“Perhaps they’ll want to ask a specific question about a product, or merely inquire as to your expertise in the relevant field.  Be welcoming and there’s every chance you’ve got yourself a new lead,”

says Gill Erickson, a web design blogger at EssayRoo and Paper Fellows.

Maximize Your Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is another name for the ‘send’ button or whatever you have at the bottom of your form. That’s all well and good, however, adding some more (for lack of a technical term) “oomph” behind it can seem so much more personable.

‘Let’s get your problem sorted’ or ‘ask one of our expert team’ is more much conversational than ‘send’. There’s no real answer as to what works best. It’s entirely dependent on your service.  However, make sure it’s unique.

Install a confirmation message

“Don’t leave your visitors in limbo after sending a message. A quick confirmation email for them to know their query has been submitted may seem like a small thing but it ensures they know their voice will be heard,”

explains Hillary Mitchel, a sales expert at Lia Help and OXEssays.

Without it, they may feel as if they’re talking to themselves and as a result lose interest in your site.  An appropriate confirmation message is the quickest possible fashion to build retain your visitors trust.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the tips above, the most important thing is to have the functionality that will keep your conversations with visitors alive.

Interactions generated from your contact page can build leads.

These interactions act as a virtual handshake ahead of what hopefully turns out to be a fruitful business relationship. Keep it light, clean and concise and your website’s shop window is more likely to entice people in.

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