Repurposing Content to Reach New Audiences

Content creators and marketers always have the burden of writing and editing content for different platforms and marketing channels. The problem with this approach is that, regardless of the size of the team behind the content creation, there is always the possibility of hitting a creativity wall.

Repurposing content can lighten the content creation and editing workload to better streamline this creation process. Doing so is also a great way of getting your content in front of people in formats that they prefer. So, what are your options when repurposing content?

repurposing content

Blog Posts

Blog posts present great repurposing opportunities, especially when your blog has a lot of long-form content that has since gone stale due to new development in your industry. You can repurpose this content by including new data, best practices, and news content.

By doing so and promoting this content like it was new, you can expect to see traffic uplifts of about 50% depending on how well you promote the “new” content.

Another very common strategy for repurposing blog posts is dividing the content into smaller pieces or combining smaller pieces of content to create new, long-form content. You can then market the new content in the same ways you would market and promote any other content.

Repurposing Content for Social Media

Another way to repurpose blog content is to use it for social media. This works very well when you hire a marketing company that manages your content and social media marketing. It also works very well in industries where people need a constant stream of information to understand the industry and what is happening within it.

For example, crypto brands can hire a leading crypto marketing agency to handle their blog management and later repurpose that content for platforms like Twitter and Reddit where those interested in crypto reside. Doing so grows both your blog and social media platforms as you have a steady stream for both, even though you are repurposing some of your content for one of them.

White Papers and E-Books

White papers and e-books are both great options for repurposing content, especially if they are highly researched and contain content that people would love. Their repurposing can go either way, with brands able to repurpose their other content, such as multiple blog posts, into a single e-book, or breaking up the e-book into a blog or email series.

Doing either of these can give you a lot of material to work with, with the former being a great option for creating lead magnets for your landing page. If you decide to put your white papers behind a paywall, ensure they provide great value so that people are more enticed to provide their details in exchange for the magnet.


Infographics are great for visually oriented audiences. The key to properly repurposing infographics is knowing what to keep and what to remove, especially if the infographic is packed with a lot of data. Condensing all information into icons, bullet points, and bite-sized pieces will get you the best results.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to create new content every time you would like to do some marketing. You likely already have lots of amazing content that you can repurpose so that it benefits your existing audience or a new one in different ways.

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