1 . To add a testimonial you must first login.  If you don’t have an account you need to create one first.

Login from VocalReferences Home Page

2. After logging in you will be taken automatically to the Merchant Reference Page.  Click on the Add Testimonial Button to open the Add Testimonial form.

Add a Testimonial

3. Fill out all the fields you wish to complete.  You have two options on the Add Testimonial form; either add a text testimonial or add a video testimonial.  To add a text testimonial simply fill out the comments and click Save.

To add a video testimonial, you will need to have either a camera attached to your computer or you need to be accessing the form via a mobile device.  If you select record video, you will be taken to the video camera attached to your computer or mobile device and then you can record a video (up to 45 secs). After recording the video you will hit Save.  The uploading process takes a few seconds and then it will take a further few seconds until the video is ready to be displayed

Add Testimonial Form MRP

Add Testimonial Form

4.  After you click save to add the testimonial the testimonial will appear in your Merchant Center.  If you have added one of our display widgets to your website or Facebook page, the Testimonial will appear immediately.

Merchant Center with first testimonial