VocalReferences Documentation

Get More Testimonials

  1. Adding a Testimonial via your Merchant Page
  2. How do my customers give me testimonials using VocalReferences
  3. Approving testimonials that come in from your customers
  4. How to delete a testimonial
  5. Embedding testimonial capture links & buttons in web pages, emails, sms or Whatsapp
  6. Transforming your testimonials into a five star Google SERP
  7. Importing testimonials from Facebook, Google, Yelp and a CSV
  8. Using Coupons to get more reviews and testimonials
  9. How to Get Testimonials from Your Customers with VocalReferences

Testimonial Builder for Wix

  1. Learn how to use VocalReferences’ Testimonial Builder for Wix
  2. Manage the Add Testimonial Form
  3. How to create a Testimonial Builder for Wix account
  4. How to add testimonials to your Wix website in less than 3 minutes
  5. How to add a social ratings widget to your Wix website

VocalReferences and YouTube

  1. How to link your YouTube channel to your VocalReferences account
  2. How to connect and revoke your YouTube channel with Vocalreferences

Video Testimonials

  1. How to get video testimonials for your business

Testimonial Display Layouts

  1. Flyout Display
  2. How to change the order of the display of testimonials
  3. Editing and deleting a testimonial
  4. How to add a Matrix testimonial display

Other Topics

  1. Change your password
  2. Showcase Page
  3. Adding a Badge to your website
  4. Adding a Social Ratings Widget to My Website
  5. Customizing your Social Ratings Widget
  6. How to get your 5-Star Google Review SERP
  7. Create and display 5 star coupons for your business
  8. Your short-cut URL – Easy way to display and share all your testimonials
  9. Upgrading your account
  10. Cancelling your account
  11. Filling out your profile
  12. Our Flyout Testimonial Widget

Video Tutorials

  1. How to Add a Matrix Testimonial Display Widget to your website
  2. How to Add a Flyout Testimonial Display Widget to your website
  3. How to add a Matrix Testimonial Display Widget to your WordPress Site
  4. How to add testimonials to your Wix website in less than 3 minutes