VocalReferences provides an importing function which enables you to insert testimonials into VocalReferences from your Facebook Business Page or from a CSV file.

Importing from a CSV file

To import a csv file with the contents of your testimonials:

1. Login to www.vocalreferences.comHomePageLogin_2016-05-22_1058


2. Go to My Testimonials->Import Testimonials

Import Menu Item

Import Menu Item


3. Click on the Import from CSV button



4. Select the CSV file with the testimonialsImportFromBrowse_2016-06-13_1644


5. Remove the testimonials you don’t wish to import Edit Imported Testimonials


6. Import 

Structure of CSV file

We have provided a sample csv file which you can download to see how the data should be organized in the file.  All the fields are NOT mandatory.  When we import the testimonial, if there is a URL in the url field then it is designated as a video testimonial.  Otherwise it will be considered a text testimonial.  After you import the testimonials, you can edit and delete (if you are a premium user) any of the testimonials that you have imported.  Every field content should be enclosed within quotation marks (“) and the fields should be separated by semi-colons (;).

Below are the fields that can be used to import the data:

TitleTitle of testimonial
Text bodyThis is the main text of a text testimonial.  This can also be used in addition to a video for a video testimonial
urlFor video testimonials – url of the video
Created_atDate the testimonial was created
customer_fnameFirst name of customer
customer_lnameLast name of customer
customer_emailCustomer email
customer_cityCustomer city
customer_stateCustomer state
ratingRating out of 5 the customer gave as part of the testimonial.  1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest.

Importing Reviews from Facebook

Step 1 – Click on Import TestimonialsImport from Facebook Step 1

Step 2 – Click on the Import from Facebook button

Step 3 – Select the Facebook business page from which you wish to import the reviews.  You will need to be a page Admin in order to import the reviews from the Facebook business page.

Step 4- View the imported reviews.  At this point you can remove any reviews you wish not to save.

Step 5 – Click the Save testimonials button to save them to your VocalReferences account.