By default all video testimonials are stored in YouTube.  When you first sign up for a VocalReferences account, we store all videos in the VocalReferences YouTube channel.  While this does not deter you from taking advantage of all the VocalReferences features, there are those who wish to do more with their videos and take advantage of the rich editing features in YouTube.

For those who wish to store their video testimonials in their YouTube channel follow the following steps:

1. Login at






2.  Click on the Account Menu and go to Profile Settings



3. Go to the My YouTube Account.  Click on the red Link to My Youtube account button.

This will start the linking process.

Remember that you wish to link to your YouTube channel (or Google account) and not to a Google+ page.  Linking to a Google+ page will not save the video testimonials to your YouTube channel



4.  After linking the status of your YouTube account in the Profile Settings will change from “Not Linked” to the name of your YouTube Channel.