Display and Share your Testimonial Showcase Page

Now that you have created an account and added a testimonial you will be able to display your testimonials on a Showcase Page dedicated to your business.  This Showcase Page is automatically built at time of setting up your account.

You can access your Showcase Page by clicking on the Showcase Page button in the Merchant Center or you by using your short url.

Shortcut to Showcase Page

Sharing your Showcase Page via your Short URL

Showcase Page ShortcutAt time of creating an account a short url was created to make it easy to share your testimonials.  A short url is simply an abbreviated url which is translated to your individual Showcase Page when a web visitor uses the short url. You can find your short url on the Profile Page.

Your Showcase Page can be further enhanced by completing as much information as possible about your business via the Profile page.

You can insert this short url in any web page, electronic document, email or sms.  This makes communicating your testimonials to potential customers as easy as possible.