Getting Started for Wix Users

Wix LogoAdding VR Testimonial Builder to your Wix site is similar to adding any other app in the Wix Appstore.  Check out our Testimonial Builder video tutorial.


Adding Testimonial Builder to your Wix Website

Testimonial Builder in Wix App Market


  1.    Find Testimonial Builder in the Wix Appstore
  2.    Click Add to Site



When Testimonial Builder is first added to your site, it presents you with 2 demo testimonials so that you can play with the display layouts and options without having to create an account.

Create a new account

After adding Testimonial Builder to Wix website

Create Account

To create a new account:

  1. right click on the app and click on App Settings.
  2. click on the link Create a new Account.
  3. enter your email, password and confirm your password.  After a few seconds the screen will refresh and the app will now be empty waiting for your first testimonial.

Add your first testimonial


Add TestimonialTo add your first testimonial:

  1. go to the Manage Testimonials section in the app settings.
  2. click on the ‘Add Testimonial’ button.  You will be presented with the ‘Add Testimonial’ form.
  3. fill in the data and hit save.
  4. after a few seconds the screen will refresh with your new testimonial being displayed on your site.


For more information on how to use the VR Testimonial app please see the Wix support documentation.