How to add testimonial to your Yahoo website using VR Testimonial app

You can now display your customer testimonials in your Yahoo hosted website or Yahoo hosted e-commerce site.  The major steps involved in getting going are:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Web Hosting/Yahoo Commerce Store Control Panel
  2. Go to the Yahoo App Gallery
  3. Select the VR Testimonial App
  4. Click Learn More
  5. On Overview Page, click Add App
  6. Create an account
  7. Configure the Flyout Display Widget and click Next
  8. Add a Testimonial or Exit to the Merchant Center
  9. Go back to your Yahoo site and refresh the page.  If you don’t see the widget appear, then open a new tab in your browser or a new browser window and go to your site.

If you have any further questions about Getting Started with the VR Testimonial app for Yahoo, you can contact us at