What is a VocalReferences Agency Account

VocalReferences for Agencies

Getting Started with a VocalReferences Agency Account

VocalReferences for Agencies

Should I have an Agency account?

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, Web Design Agency, Web Development Agency, Advertising Agency, SEO Specialist, CMO or VP of Marketing and/or you are in the position of managing multiple VocalReferences accounts then you would be interested in having an Agency Account.

What is an Agency Account?

We noticed over time that many of our customers were agencies, just like yourself, who were managing the accounts for their customers.  We built this portal to make it easier for you, the agency, to manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.  

Digital Agency Dashboard

You and your customers have all the same features that every VocalReferences customer has with the added advantage that you, the agency, can also manage all aspects of your customers’ accounts.  

How do I get started?

Simply register now for your Agency Account.  You can then add as many accounts as you’d like and manage them from your Agency Portal.  Your customers can access their individual account on their own with that account’s specific login/password and you can see everything that happens within all your customers’ accounts.  Needless to say, your customers can only access their individual account.  Only you, via your Agency Portal, can see the details of all your customers.

Are there any other advantages of an Agency Account?

As an Agency Account we give you an upgraded Premium Account pro bono.  You can use your VocalReferences account to promote your business using all of our great features.  If we see this is not the purpose of your account we will downgrade the account and the account can then be upgraded via a paid plan.     

Can I advise a customer to sign up directly for VocalReferences?

Absolutely.  You do not need to use the Agency Portal  to manage your customers.  If your relationship is such with your customers you can send them directly to sign up for a VocalReferences account on our website www.vocalreferences.com

How do I upgrade a customer account?

You can choose to upgrade the account yourself via the Agency Portal or instruct your customer to upgrade the account directly via their Merchant Center.  

Will my customers be able to login & manage their account on their own?

Yes.  Your customers will have full control over their own account via login to their Merchant Center (using their login credentials: Email/password).  You will also have access to their Merchant Center via your Agency Portal – but not the other way (i.e. your customers do not have access to your Agency Account).  If you do not want your clients to have access to their Merchant Center you simply do not provide them with their specific login credentials.

What are the advantages of using VocalReferences vs. testimonials & reviews without our App?

VocalReferences is the premier testimonials and reviews marketing tool for text and video testimonials.  We make it easy for businesses to capture (collect), display automatically (website, FB page), share in social media and market (Google indexing, SEO) customer testimonials.  We take testimonials and reviews to another level by generating leads, increasing website conversions and enhancing the online brand for businesses of all sizes.

Need more assistance?

We are always available to answer any questions you may have.  Contact us at support@vocalreferences.com.