4 Ways To Download Instagram Stories On Your Device

Today’s digital landscape has shown people’s lives in different settings and emotions. Social media has become a welcome part of our lives, providing updates, information, entertainment, and others. 

Instagram Download

A lot has changed since the introduction of Instagram more than two decades ago. When it first started as an image-sharing social site, people scrambled to sign up, with the site ballooning to two billion users to date.

Instagram’s rise to the top is because of its constant innovations and ventures that truly captivated the hearts of many. People got hooked as more and more features are added to the app. 

Aside from ordinary users, brands also used Instagram to showcase their products and expand their businesses. To say that many business owners became millionaires through this is an understatement. The social media app became the go-to platform of many companies from its inception. Besides images and videos on static posts, the app introduced Instagram Stories, used by 500 million accounts daily.

Instagram is a mine of ideas and inspiration. That is why many would want to download other accounts’ Instagram Stories. This is assumed to be impossible if the account did not approve your follow request, but
Insta viewer can help you solve that problem.  

There are several reasons why one would want to download an Instagram Story. However, if you wish to download your own story or other people’s story on your device, this article will help you do it.

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, so if you want to save a story for future reference, you need to do it before that time lapses. Continue reading to learn how to go about this.

Save It On Your Camera Roll 

Look for the three dots on the bottom-right corner of the story and click save. It will automatically go to your phone’s gallery. You may also set all your stories to be saved to your gallery automatically.

  1. go to your settings,
  2. click privacy,
  3. select story, and
  4. toggle the switch on the ‘Save story to Gallery option.’

Create A Story Highlight 

You’ll see a highlight on the bottom page of your story; once you click it, you may choose which highlight you’d want to save the story.

If there is no highlight available, you may create one by pressing the plus sign. You may also add a cover on each highlight.

Many brands utilize these to showcase products, events, reviews, and collaborations. It’s an excellent tool for followers to get updated with the goings-on of a brand. 

Save It On Your Archive 

Your archive works as a library of all your Instagram Stories, but only if you managed to update your settings.

To do this:

  1. click the three lines on the upper-right corner of your profile,
  2. go to settings,
  3. select privacy,
  4. select story,
  5. scroll down to the bottom, and
  6. toggle the switch of the save story to archive and
  7. you’re all set.

All stories will now be saved to your archive. Only you and anyone who has access to your account can view this.

Use A Third-Party App 

Saving a story of an account that did not approve your follow request wouldn’t be possible. Yet if you want to do this, you may need to utilize a third-party app, as mentioned in the first part of this article.

Apps like this are easy to set up, don’t need human verification, and only need a valid email address to complete. What’s great about these apps is that some of them even allow you to access insights like who follows them, who reacted and shared their posts, and a few of these apps even give you access to their direct messages. 

There are free and paid apps you can use to do this. The free apps have limited features and come with ads, but will download Instagram stories for your enjoyment. Meanwhile, the paid apps have more features and will ensure your security.

Aside from just viewing and downloading stories, the paid apps come with significant features like the following:

  • Video Tracker. Accounts that post video content on a live feed can see who watches their videos once they scroll through the reactions, but won’t be able to know who views the video if it’s not broadcast live, unless the viewer reacts to the video. If you’re a brand that wants to know who specifically watched your video, a paid Instagram viewer app can allow you to collate these data. This is essential to determine and analyze who consumes your content and how else you can improve it to attract others and expand your reach. In addition to this, using this paid app will also allow you to watch your competitor’s videos live or incognito. 
  • Likes Viewer. It’s okay to be skeptical and worry about pedophiles hiding their identities to lure children into their midst. You wouldn’t want your child to feel that you’re watching their every move, but using an Instagram viewer tool will let you know who reacts to and likes your child’s posts even if they’re a private account. Most of the time, liking posts progresses to sending a private message. Your kids wouldn’t know any better, but at least you’re there to keep them safe. 
  • Location Tracker. Having a teenager worries every parent, so they’d like to know where they go and who they’re with when they’re out of their sight. A private Instagram viewer app can help you determine their exact location without them knowing. All you need is to insert their Instagram handle on the app, and then you can see through their profile from the inside. 


Social media has been a relevant tool in monitoring the daily activities of just about anybody. This can be a celebrity you’ve been fangirling for the longest time, a crush you’ve been stalking, your partner who displays suspicious activities, your teenage child who’s been challenging to manage, or a successful brand you wish to become in the future. Although there are certain limitations to social media usage, there is always a workaround that you can use. You only have to remember to use it responsibly.

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