Testimonial Examples from Real Web Sites – November 2020


Every month we publish a number of websites which demonstrate how our users display their customer testimonials on their websites.  We have so many great website examples to choose from that choosing a select few is a very difficult task. 

There are so many different ways you can use testimonials on your website and in your business processes.  Displaying them on your website, or linking them to your outgoing emails are but two of the most popular ways that you can do more with your testimonials.

We at Vocalreferences are so proud of our customers, what our customers do with our product and we are thankful for the trust they have place with us to promote their business with their customers’ feedback.

Without further a due, lets take a look at some websites we have chosen to showcase.  All these websites are using the Vocalreferences Testimonial app as of the end of October 2020.

Blitz – Fitness Classes


Blitz Home Page
Blitz Home Page

Glowarchitects – Architects

glowarchitects Home page
Glowarchitects Home Page
Glowarchitects Testimonials
Glow Architects Testimonials

Glow Architects is displaying their testimonials using the Vocalreferences Band Layout.  This layout will scroll through the testimonials three at a time.

Dedicated Catering

Dedication Catering Testimonials

Tanzanite Fine Jewelry

Tanzanite Testimonial Examples
Tanzanite Fine Jewelry Home Page
Testimonial examples from Tanzanite
Tanzanite Fine Jewelry Testimonials

We also invite you to check out our popular blog post on testimonial examples.

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